Bald Science: Will We All Have Hair in the Future?

For years, men who were losing their hair had only one option: commit to a daily combo of Rogaine and Propecia for life and hope for the best. Those who were already balding could spend a small fortune on plugs, shave their heads, or, well, deal with … [Read more...]

‘Can You Treat Alopecia Areata with Fexofenadine Anti-Histamines?


Name: Pete Question: Can you treat Alopecia Areata with anti-histamines? I read that anti-histamines called fexofenadine are used in Japan to treat alopecia areata but my dermatologist didn’t know anything about it. Answer: Hi, Pete. The use of … [Read more...]

How to Safely Navigate Hair Transplant Forums – It’s Easier Said Than Done

Hair loss and hair transplant message forums can be a great resource for many who are looking for answers about how to deal with their hair loss situation, however, as with most online resources, knowing how to safely navigate these places is not as … [Read more...]

Haircare Business Booms as Stressed Koreans Go Bald

The market for haircare products is growing rapidly as over 10 million people suffer from hair loss. From wigs to potions that claim to make hair grow back, the industry is raking in the money. … [Read more...]

Aplasia Cutis Congenita – Translucent Hair Follicles.


  “A photo of a patient with  Aplasia Cutis Congenita. No treatments are being explored, but the presentation was unique, and in our own peculiar way, quite beautiful. I’ve never seen this presentation before, with so many hairs … [Read more...]

‘Do Pills To Make Curly Hair, Straight Only Work if Bald?’


Name: Nicole Question: I was reading your post on the Pill to Make Hair Straight or Curly. Don’t you have to be bald for a pill to make your hair straight or can your hair be long too? How the Different Shapes of Hair Follicles Produce Different Hair … [Read more...]

Think Your Hair Transplant Clinic Is A Sterile, Safe Environment? Think Again. This Might Not Be The Case!

Spencer Kobren and Joe Tillman discuss the importance of proper hair transplant operating room disinfection, instrument sterilization and infection prevention protocols that most prospective patients presume are all part of the standard of care when … [Read more...]

A Hair Breakthrough May Not Be The Breakthrough That it Seems To Be Taking neck hair, which is often finer than scalp hair, has problems with it. These problems include: (1) … [Read more...]

‘Can You Measure a Receding Hairline With Your Fingers?’


Name: Davy Question: I saw on a forum that people were measuring how far their hairlines had receded by using their fingers. They measured how many fingers they could fit from their eyebrows to the start of their hairline so like three fingers or … [Read more...]

Spironolactone seems effective for female pattern hair loss

Spironolactone may be an effective treatment for female pattern hair loss , especially among patients with signs of hyperandrogenism, according to a study published in the October issue of the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology . Shannon … [Read more...]

Is the man bun to blame for premature baldness?

Is the man bun to blame for premature baldness? Hipsters may want to invest in some Rogaine Check out this story on But the oh-so-cool hairstyle of men throwing their luscious locks up into tight buns atop their … [Read more...]

‘Why Isn’t My Hair Loss Treatment Working?’


Name: Bilal Question: I am using minoxidil and propecia to treat my hairloss since almost a year. I take the tablets once most days and use the minoxidil once or twice per day. Sometimes I don’t use it at weekends so I use it more the next day … [Read more...]

A Chemical May Help Cure Alzheimer’s Disease

Resveratrol, found in wine, actually in the grape skin, might help in the fight against Alzheimer’s Disease The skin of the grape is a potential treatment for a variety of age related disorders, reported from the Georgetown University Medical … [Read more...]

Is Scalp Tattooing And Scalp Micropigmentation The New Cure for Baldness And Thinning Hair?

Unfortunately, recent statistics show that 31 million men and 21 million women suffer from hair loss of some kind, including thinning hair, bald spots or alopecia. It is also unfortunate that many people are unaware of Scalp Micropigmentation, which … [Read more...]

‘What Can Be Done for All-Over Hair Loss?’


Name: Patricia Question: What can be done for global hair loss? Answer: Hi, Patricia. When you say ‘global hair loss’ we are assuming you are referring to hair loss which affects the whole head; there are two likely causes for … [Read more...]

Hair Loss Due to Cancer Treatment

It is estimated that more than 1.5 million new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in the United States this year, with nearly 600,000 individuals dying from the disease.1 The most common cancers expected to be diagnosed in 2015 include breast cancer, … [Read more...]

Change In Views On How To Use Finasteride (Propecia)

I am writing this post from the ISHRS annual meeting in Chicago. I have just heard a wonderful and informative discussion on the use of of the drug finasteride. As we know, the hormone DHT is 40 times as powerful an androgen as testosterone. The … [Read more...]

Donald Trump’s Hair Is Real, Now Let’s Move On!

Donald Trump is certainly the definition of the American dream, and as a Republican presidential hopeful, he’s running on the platform of “Making America Great Again.” You would think that the mainstream media would have more to discuss about this … [Read more...]

Theradome LH80 PRO Laser Helmet Launches at the 23rd Annual…

Theradome Inc., creator of the first FDA-cleared over-the-counter, wearable hair restoration device, introduces the Theradome LH80 PRO Laser Helmet at the 2015 Annual Scientific Meeting of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery from … [Read more...]

JAK Inhibitor Alopecia Areata Treatment Development Deal Announced


It has just been announced that Rigel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Aclaris Therapeutics International Limited (ATIL), a wholly owned subsidiary of Aclaris Therapeutics, Inc., have come together to develop and bring to market a new treatment for Alopecia … [Read more...]