Hair loss update

Hair loss update


  1. Yolanda Summers says:

    The hair becomes dependent on rogaine so that when you stop using rogaine
    it will all fall out. Don’t use rogaine.?

  2. Britni Potthoff says:

    I am so glad I found your video. I had the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy
    about 5 months ago and I am now going through the MAJOR hair loss stage…
    I seriously thought that it was a lack of protein or vitamins which was odd
    to me because I get ample amounts of protein and I make sure to take my
    vitamins daily, I followed all my dr’s orders and I still wondered what in
    the world could be going on to make me lose so much hair?? My hair was my
    pride and joy so this was devastating to me to say the least. I actually
    just called today to make an appt with the dermatologist and I now feel
    like I have someone to relate to… You have seriously made my day and to
    know that this is not permanent is great. Great job on your weight loss and
    love your spunk!!?

  3. Rafael Andy says:

    *I am using **Dermo b i otin shampoo. I’m taking it in combination
    with a daily Biotin supplement (10,000mcg), which you can find for very
    cheap on A m a zon** (around 7 bucks for a bottle of 100). After two weeks
    of this shampoo and pills, I’m already growing new hair..*?

  4. Arnold Resat says:

    I have been using arga nlife products consitently since my
    dermatologist recommended it for hair loss.. I use it along with pure argan

  5. Ingrid Hoekstra says:

    Respect for your positive attitude!?


    Such an informative, lovely girl you are. I’m also looking my hair, but I
    have not had my WLS yet. I’m DOOMED!
    If I loose much more, I’m going to shave my head and buy a pretty wig.
    Thank you for being candid.?

  7. robyn3tears says:

    Do you remember how far post op you were when you started losing your hair??

  8. Jennifer Wilde says:

    you have an over active throid girl dont listen to that dermatologist you
    lose weight and go bald with a hyperactive thyroid mine ahs been like that
    for 3 years as soon as you take the pills your hair stops falling out

  9. sabbathThebat says:

    ur pretty hot by the way hehe

  10. angelinajoanie says:

    @massagegoddess hi, I have a question. I’ve read that when you start using
    a product like rogaine that you have to use it for life. I know hair loss
    is traumatic but in this case it’s temporary, I wonder if the rogaine
    messes that up?

  11. Babybrat71 says:

    Do you take biotin for your hair loss?

  12. Canashea says:

    im going through this right now, it SUCKS. ive always had very thick hair
    and now im losing it by the tonne, it scares me to even wash or brush it!
    Ive been to see a hair specialist and she assured me i wont go bald and
    that it is temporary, and the cause of it was a virus i had some months
    ago, but its still scary. it’s very acute hair loss all over however i do
    have a little patch with some regrowth!!

  13. sanju61822 says:

    are you cured now? I think I also have TE

  14. massagegoddess says:

    yeah, but it gave me hair in other places besides my head LOL

  15. luvmakeup1000 says:

    TRY hair essentials DHT blocker with natural supplements that will grow
    hair….lots of good reviews on it….much better than rogaine or any of
    that other stuff….Good luck to you…hang in there and don’t let jerks
    get you down!!

  16. I’ll get some rogaine like today. I have thyroid issues on top of
    everything else and have noticed my hair thinning already (And my surgery
    isn’t till Dec17th) so great post Amelia! THANK YOU thank you Thank You!! 🙂

  17. haha that sounded funny that you said “he eats lots of beans too” lol And I
    do not mean that in a bad way i just thought it was funny cuz im Mexican
    and reminded me of my grandpa lol That is a good thought tho! I had never
    thought about that before…..My hair falls out alot but I am not bald at
    all I dont understand how so much falls out but I still have a full set of
    hair, but I sure will try the cold shower thing…

  18. Cathy Kleve says:

    Wow! You look amazing — this just looking at your past videos and this one
    for the first time! I just had to comment that your positive attitude is
    inspiring. I found this video searcing about hair loss, and you are just so
    calm about your situation. It really put things in perspective for me.
    Thank you and I hope you’ve been able to stay healthy!

  19. BlistardPussy says:

    You look Awesome!!!

  20. Cami Richardson says:

    Hey, would you mind telling what those negative results were? I’d like to
    know what to watch for if I decide to use Rogain. Thanks for the heads up.

  21. mikeg1996 says:

    wow i looked at your first vid and… now look at you. you look great!

  22. CaliforniaInMyMind says:

    @LorieTaylor Yep. Looking back on my experience that ive been through.
    There were some rough priods in there where I was unsatisfied with the
    results from other hair restoration clinics. However, Im perfectly at peace
    with the whole process and very glad that I went forward with it and
    achieved the results that I have in the site HairLoss101. net (w/0 space),
    I would do it all over again

  23. mohamed9004 says:

    hi hi hi

  24. how old are u?

  25. xtrinaxs2x says:

    im a teen and im loosing a lot of hair lately i am scared. everytime i get
    out of the shower it seems to be falling out lots and lots of strands. im
    soooo scared but this has been happening for a 9 months. are u sure my hair
    will grow back ??? pls pls pls tell me oh and one thing should i go to the
    dermataligist for this cuz my mom is telling me i shouldn’t go to the
    dermatoligist just for that. pls reply.

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