Coconut Oil/Milk Made My Hair Dry? How I Dealt With it!

Coconut Oil/Milk Made My Hair Dry?  How I Dealt With it!


  1. beautyklove says:

    Coconut Oil/Milk Made My Hair Dry? How I Dealt With it! Tell me about your
    experience too!?

  2. Mina Zhao says:

    1:27 lol did you turn British for just a few seconds??

  3. beautyklove says:
  4. Allyce Wonderland says:

    Omg ! I love your hair so much, my hair used to be this long as well before
    I start to dye it , now doesn’t grow and it is weak, do you think you can
    make a vídeo teaching us how to restore the Health of the hair so it begins
    to grow Again? Thank you for your amazing videos!?

  5. How can u tell the difference between protein sensitive and damaged??

  6. rom milner says:

    Keren thanks for everything!! Love you so much!?

  7. Appong Muallamin says:

    I really really really love this vedio! ?

  8. Millie M. says:

    Your top changed like 4 times lol i thought i was going crazy.?

  9. thank u so much for ur explanation ^*^. recently i have been using some
    protein masks.. it’s works good first but my hair gets dry and dry! now i
    know why ^*^. i wish if i can give u more than one thumbs up :(?

  10. Shuichi Minamino says:

    Second comment and 2nd liker?

  11. Haylee Toner says:

    I have only tried coconut milk once and I loved it very much, it worked
    absolutely great. But my problem, is that I have trouble extracting it. I
    looked at your video about it but it’s so much harder than it looks! Any

  12. Gabriele Terumi says:

    Or if your hair feels elastic when wet (without mass, normally it happens
    after bleaching or intense chemical process). And you use coconut oil it
    makes the hair even more elastic (cause like she said, coconut oil doesn’t
    have that much of protein. It is supposed to soften your hair and
    moisturize it) and when it dries it feels like a broomstick.
    It’s basically like spilling water on paper. When it’s wet it can break
    very easily. And when it finally dries, the texture it’s harsher.?

  13. Penelope Quintero says:

    Thanks for the video Keren! I really didn’t know about that! Thank God my
    hair loves it anyway, I feel lucky because I have been using it for one
    year now. Maybe because I don’t use products? ?

  14. evilcrumbs says:

    so straight hair ppl can have protein overload? i heard mostly curly hair
    girls have that problem?

  15. Ponygirl says:

    Hi Dear
    I do have this problem that only coconut oil is not suitable to my hair.
    So I am using ur diy 3 oil combination oil in which coconut oil is present.
    And this oil is just amazing????
    Thanks Keren thanks a lot. ?

  16. Helena Viderø says:

    Thank you, it was really helpful!???

  17. Maurice Glifunia says:

    That’s why my hair feels elastic when wet and like a broom stick when dry
    these days. Maybe it is over use. Thanks for this keren! What mask do you
    recommend to dry hair except for coconut oil??

  18. TayTaylorslay says:

    Do you know a way to deal with hair that clups up?

  19. CAVEMAAN76 says:

    Good to know thanks Keren?

  20. mayan girl says:

    thank you for answering my question…?

  21. Gemma Tweddell says:

    Hey, love your video’s, they are always so detailed and you always do lots
    of research. I have tried coconut oil on my hair and every time it has made
    it greasy and feel awful. I also tried eating it as well and I didn’t react
    well to it either lol. It’s great that it works so well for you, your hair
    is amazing, trying to grow mine longer. Please could you do a video on what
    you do to your hair every week, like products you use, hair masks and
    things like that, sorry if you have already done one like this? 🙂 xxxx?

  22. Qy Amelia says:

    If coconut oil or olive oil makes hair dry,so mix with honey or aloe i right??

  23. irma11189 says:

    ohhh god thats why! hehehe
    when i use coconut oil always feel like it doesnt do anithing to my hair XD
    but i have tried another hair mask you have shared and worked so good! :3
    thanks! ?

  24. Luna Wand says:

    That’s very interesting! I used to put gelatin in my shampoo. Do you think
    too much of that would also cause dryness or brittleness??

  25. Interesting… My hair is quite healthy nowdays, and coconut oil works
    wonders on it. Back when I had a lot of damage, coconut oil left it dry and
    brittle… Where’s the logic? 😀 I’m glad it works now :)?

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