Products I Used to Stop My Hair Loss

Products I Used to Stop My Hair Loss


  1. Glammed4Beauty says:

    I may have to try that product… love your curly hair?

  2. Alexis Lewis says:

    What happened to the Just Natural products? Did they not work??

  3. MsAvalon25 says:

    Great video love! Might have to give it a try. Aww look at little handsome!
    What an absolute cutiepie! God bless him and your family! xoxo ?

  4. Sondra Jones says:

    Products I Used to Stop My Hair Loss:

  5. i’m so lazy when it comes about hair, but thank you for this video 🙂 and
    you have adorble son may God protect him <3?

  6. Apostro Mkay says:

    You are still beautiful?

  7. Hazimah Hamzah says:

    Love your natural curl! ?

  8. Pete Schwab says:

    …..*Dermo biotin shampoo excellent for hair loss,b e t t e r than

  9. im def gonna give that a try girl! thx?

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