Possible Cure for Baldness

Possible Cure for Baldness


  1. Jim Bennett says:

    Nearly 6 years now.Where is the cure??????

  2. Charles Harris says:

    *I have been taking hair supplements for the past 3 years and here is what
    I have found.Secan Cosmetics makes a great hair care product called Argan
    Rain formula. This is liquid form and easy to apply. This company is
    also extremely reputable and carries pure and effective products*?

  3. I recommend you a kit that contains some products that help strengthen the
    hair that’s prone to breakage, thinning hair, smooth the hair, reduce frizz
    , leave hair healthy, shiny and resilient and provide heat protection. Your
    hair loss will stop. Take my advice and you will see the difference soon. I
    tried it out myself. Hope this helps..?

  4. Kishor Khatri says:

    This video help to those who are suffering from Baldness and give massage
    that is possible to cure Baldness.?

  5. Alexander Yordanopoulos says:

    “3 to 4 years, maybe even sooner.”


  6. Glenn Maled says:

    I have been using Argan Rain products consistently since my
    dermatologist recommended it for hair loss. I think, smell is really good
    and I am really satisfied with this product. You can get more information
    on Argan Rain products website.?

  7. Thomas Anderson says:

    Dr. Cotsarelis is an attentionwhore. He’s been flapping his gums about a
    treatment ‘within 5 years’ every TWO years and he’s got fuck all to show
    for all of his bullshit.

    Dude needs to shut the fuck up or have something to show with his Follica

  8. Angelique Aggers says:

    Is Zunhairex Secrets helpful to cures your hair loss and regrow it safely?
    I’ve learn numerous good things about Zunhairex Secrets (do a search on

  9. Venkata anil kumar says:

    Hey! Have you seen the website – Basup Soft Hair Growth Tips (google it)?
    There are some pretty good free hair loss tips and my work buddy got
    amazing help from it.?

  10. heres something weird when i worked on a fishing boat i always got stung by
    jelly fish on the wrists ,i am not a very hairy person and have light blond
    hair on my arms , but i started growing large brown to black hair on the
    veiny side of my wrists, i have to cut it it gets unsightly long,there must
    be something in jellyfish stings,the guy i worked with has it too?

  11. concerned11 says:

    PROPECIA causes PERMANENT IMPOTENCE in most men !!!

    Merck is lying about the safety of this drug !!!

    If you have hairloss, just shave your head. That’s it ! Don’t destroy
    your life by going on FlNASTERIDE !!!?

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