Natural way to get hair back by Nail Rubbing Scientific Technique

Natural way to get hair back by Nail Rubbing Scientific Technique


  1. Lars-Göran Andersson says:

    I have today a better technic. On 24 hours, day + night, I try to do it
    now 2 x 13 minutes. I lose the good technic if I go on longer. The new
    hair is standing up, this is a sign it is thicker and stronger. Tiny hair
    is laying down. The best results is in the area I have less problems.
    Even in the bad areas are coming new hair near the good areas. This is a
    very good “infiltration” so I believe I can have it to work everywhere on
    my head. But it is shocking I must go on month after month, I can accept
    two years because it took long time for me to lose the hair. But I am
    happy to have this method, the only method which worked.?

  2. George Howard says:

    Argan Rain is cheaper and effective way of re-growing your lost hair
    compared to those unnatural ways .Others may involve harsh chemicals that
    have lots of side effects.?

  3. Maahi Singh says:

    thanks bro I had a problem but now It has removed because of you .
    you told me the wright way of doing this exercise thanks a lot again
    < <<<<<>>>>>?

  4. Lars-Göran Andersson says:

    After 11 months soon, first 3 months with more bad technic. I am a little
    disappointed I have very little result in the “Mao tse Tung area”, this is
    no joke. In the Mao Tse Tung area” in the front, it is only coming small
    weas hair. On the top and in the angles I have good results. I estimate
    20% more hair. Well I give it 6 more months. Maybe it can be spreading to
    the Mao Tse Tung area.
    I dont know why I am studying hair on “communists” think of Bresjnew and
    Pol Pot. They had much, very much hair, probably no problems with DHT.
    Please my Friends I am not a communist….?

  5. You need to put subtitles bro?

  6. WarthDader74 says:

    Guys, this man is actually right. I have tried to do what he tells for
    about 4 months now, and things have happened. My hair loss is much reduced,
    and there has grown a few new hairs in the front of my head. I have done
    the nail trick for 5 minutes each day, and I am definitely going to
    continue with it.?

  7. Daniel Skipp says:

    Most of my male pattern hair loss is not “because of genetics” [my father
    has full head, hardly thinning at all] but STRESS [Kali Yuga really sucks],
    insomnia and neck and scalp tension, decreasing circulation. The buildup of
    acid wastes and lack of oxygen and nutrients is the result, causing hair
    loss. If I slept well and relaxed and had a totally mineralised diet, plus
    detoxed, I am sure the hair loss would stop or even reverse. Rosemary oil
    etc.. would also help.
    This Balayam seems good.. I will use it, THANK YOU. Namaste.?

  8. sanjeev pillai says:

    please show ur head…?

  9. Benjamin Lopez says:

    Fortunately, there is a new and easy way to regrow hair that is called
    Argan rain products… You have to visit the website… I did not believe
    it untill I tried it out and seen the results on me.?

  10. really it works but slowly.. I read somewhere that Indian ancient science
    described acupressure points in finger and palm or whole body… for 5
    elements like ether, air, fire, water, earth. litter pressure at these
    points can balance these five elements in body. I suggest all of you to
    breath in morning fresh air regularly to gain good oxygen level in whole

  11. Hello, please you still here? I have a question, I know I have to rub the
    part of the nail where it’s growing near the skin and not the tip, but do I
    have to do it on both hands or one is enough? Also does speed matter??

  12. Robinson Road says:

    Er, funny that we can’t see your hair…?

  13. Brian Coultre says:

    i switch hands when masturbating … do i still need to do this ??

  14. But it is impossible to rub backside portion of your nails of one hand with
    the backside portion of the nails from other hands together, you have to
    use the front side of the nails of one hand to rub it with the backside of
    the nails of other hand .. isn’t it ??

  15. figaro figaro says:

    Please help! I feel lots of tingling in my fingers and arms, but not on my
    head? Am i doing something wrong??

  16. MrTruth111 says:

    Well first you need to regrow your head:)?

  17. saba jafri says:

    it really works ^_^ i can see new hairs :/ though it will take a long time
    to grow :/?

  18. thormarcvs333 says:

    I can feel a tingling sensation on my scalp everytime I rub them correctly,
    there must be a connection from where your nails grow and your follicles
    produce the protein for hair, where the keratin is produced, so it makes
    perfect sense, 2 months so far…?

  19. Sourabh Verma says:

    Yes you are absolutely Right …I was doing this in wrong manner and Lost
    my Hope
    Now I know why I Achieved hairs suddenly in My ears …thax a lot for your
    One query Do I need to give up Smoking and Drinking absolutely to Prevent
    Hair fall and Whitening
    while attempting this technique..? Please Tell?

  20. George Polarsa says:

    I like your story. Fortunately there is a new and easy way to regrow hair
    that is called argan life products… Visit website.. I did not believe
    it untill I tried it out and seen the results on me.?

  21. If you wear fake nails will it still work??

  22. Antonio F. Granados says:

    Sorry, but I hardly understood your English pronunciation. It seems to be
    interesting, but you must get someone that can speak English clearly to
    read a script as you demonstrate. This is my sincere opinion. ?

  23. lol i tried this for a year now and my hair in my nose got 3 inches
    longer,,. and it wont stop growing?

  24. Panda Broad says:

    thank you so much… I will definitely give this a try… God bless you :)?

  25. surendra rathore says:

    bro can u kindly reply me if there is any change in ur hair growth , thanx

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