Miconazole Nitrate Inexpensive Hair Loss and Thin Hair Treatment (Review)

Miconazole Nitrate Inexpensive Hair Loss and Thin Hair Treatment (Review)


  1. Jared Walker says:

    Has any one else tried it? Let me know!!! :)?

  2. can i just use the Miconazole Nitrate creme not the monistat?cause i just
    found a creme Miconazole Nitrate ????

  3. Bryce Yulia says:

    *SuperHairFood awesome shampoo. One pea size portion makes great amount of
    lather leaving the hair fresh and deeply clean. I am due to ordering
    another bottle. Great for both genders. **I have thin hair and have noticed
    less shedding vs the previous shampoo brand** The back label listed only
    few but mostly organic familiar ingredients and one does not need to be a
    chemist to understand. Exactly recommend this super hair food shampoo who
    suffer from hair loss*?

  4. Adel Elhou says:

    I have tried several hair loss products. From my personal experience what
    really made drastic results for hair loss is called Argan rain … One
    bottle’s amount is 300 ml and it contain rich level Vitamin E and %100 pure
    argan oil.?

  5. artistNexile says:

    Glad I came across your video. Great Review! Do you just use the egg whites
    or all of the egg? I am going to try this on my hairline where I am
    experiencing some thinning.?

  6. Too funny, bro. Great vid btw?

  7. ariah abraham says:

    and does it have side effects?

  8. I love your accent, where are you from??

  9. Lina johanson says:

    Thank u! I searched everywhere for any man who tried this for their
    hairloss. U are the first ive seen, its just women Im gonna recommend this
    to my boyfriend! I’m also starting, because i want long hair,. Hope it will
    work on him, ?

  10. ariah abraham says:

    where u buy it from?

  11. Jordan Ando says:

    The only product that works for me bro is HairCubed.
    My auntie said she read about them in Oprahs magazine and she bought me
    some. I am surprised at how quickly their products have changed my life. I
    spray some on every morning and go about my day without a care in the
    world. Their stuff is affordable and I couldn’t imagine where I would be
    without them.?

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