Hair Loss Update- Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Hair Loss Update- Jamaican Black Castor Oil


  1. leah allen says:

    My goodness you’re Hella rough on his head damn ?

  2. Nice video thanks for sharing. But I do agree you were a bit rough on his
    strands. Gol-ly Lol
    Will you do an update on hos results?

  3. 2008MrsKim says:

    Dang girl, I think you be pulling out whatever did have a chance to grow.
    Take it easy.?

  4. WolfLifeMuzic says:

    He need to jus get a michael jordan ?

  5. Yolanda Berryhill says:

    Dang she’s wasting the products, she rough and sloppy washing his head. his
    scalp should be well stimulated….LOL?

  6. Yo Cherry says:

    Wow I thought the same thing you are really rough on his hair
    I liked the video?

  7. Valerie Hewins says:

    There was quite a few things added to his castor oil alone is
    very heavy and she used quite a bit .Personally I feel if you use too many
    products at once how would you know actually which one works.?

  8. tequilla daniels says:

    You appear very rough. Hair growth 101… learn your own strength.?

  9. RunnerGunner2020 says:

    You leave it in??? ?

  10. R Clemons says:

    Hey Henry .. I applaud you for sitting still while she tugged and slung
    your head around lol OMW to get the products .. great VID .. 100%?

  11. chitownhusla438 says:

    girl you are ruff I would not come to you to my hair or pay you to treat me
    like that and a little goes a long way. I’m out?

  12. Misha Reynolds says:

    what a rough woman?

  13. Hanissah Marshall says:

    He has a nice smile Iol do you do hair too?

  14. Hey Henry, what a smile!?

  15. Keairra Smith says:


  16. Drew Corleone says:

    Hey there,
    I noticed I having a bit of hair lost at my edges (Hairline) so I did some
    research on this JBCO Product … Anyways my question is, Do I have to buy
    the whole kit to get better results, and if so how do I use it??

  17. chyna king says:

    Omg i jst got so scared I thought he was a girl talking like that?

  18. WolfLifeMuzic says:

    Jesus himself jumped off the cross and couldnt save this poor mans george
    jefforson LOX!!?

  19. Kai Ingalls says:

    Lol… at most of the comments…but towards the end…I think he likes it
    rough…but I’m wondering what are the results of the products …did the
    product help him in any way… ?

  20. batistelauren12 says:

    I feel bad for him cause it looks like hereditary baldness ?

  21. Damn girl you would never get a hold of my head you rough as hell..?

  22. Daisy Castillo says:

    omg! the lip smacking! ahh! ?

  23. S Marie Allen says:
  24. IndianBeauty02 says:

    wat a wonderful smile he has?

  25. HairBy CocoBangz says: I believe about $50.00.

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