Hair loss help: Low iron a critical factor

Hair loss help: Low iron a critical factor


  1. @anchi557 Cheers

  2. Awesome this works! I’ve been applying this remedy known as: Hair 790
    Formula and as a result within one month I’m experiencing hair growth!
    Simply just google the website I cannot remember the address.

  3. MrPieeatter says:

    At a glance, are you low in Iron?

  4. @MrPieeatter could be by the look of things hey!

  5. Alohaaaa! Have you tried – Trifecta Epic Hair Growth Plan (google it)? Ive
    heard some awesome things about it and my father at last Got rid of the
    hair thinning issue with it.

  6. Baldoxxx4000 says:

    Cant afford to get a checkup cant afford all these snake oils…. blah…

  7. You are so correct. I am a woman who is a vegetarian and I had to start
    taking iron pills because my iron was low, probably for years. It really
    effected my hair.

  8. thank you is all I can say

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