Bradley Cooper starts taking Propecia to prevent hair loss + The Baldness Hall of Fame

Bradley Cooper starts taking Propecia to prevent hair loss + The Baldness Hall of Fame


  1. Kevin Mann says:

    I use both finasteride and dutasteride. I also use minoxidil and revita.
    I have zero regrets, white men look fucking terrible bald. At best they
    look either trashy or dorky, at worse they look like cancer patients.

    The side effects for these drugs are extremely rare.?

  2. Kevin Mann says:

    Truegritproductions, why do you try so strongly to discourage people from
    saving their hair?

    Why can’t you get over the fact that people don’t want to look like you?
    I’m the same age as you and I look way better than you because of your lack
    of hair.

    If you’re a norwood 4 you could still get a hair transplant but it won’t be

  3. Jon Parker says:

    “Large Number” = 3% of guys experience ANY sexual side effects. I’ve had

  4. Stewart Fers says:

    I have a good amount of experience using hair loss products/doing research
    and arga nlife. products seems to be a winner so far. Other than stopping
    the fallout, this product also makes my hair look awesome. I would suggest
    certified pure argan oil and arga nlife. shampoo…. ?

  5. I have been taking finesteride now for 7 months and have had zero problems
    with it.?

  6. skater609 says:

    Ha so basically if you look at this story closer its just one big fcking
    merc ad puppet headed by bradley cooper. Wtf illuminati evil corporate
    doctors trying to sell this pioson to the masses. Fck this world?

  7. Drew Tiss says:

    Really good ! Argan life can do wonders. Avoid product with alcohol in it,
    as they dry out your scalp. I have also read putting argan oil on your
    scalp works. I tried this, and it did work wonders. ?

  8. I have color treated hair that had gotten very dry and brittle.Even my
    hairdresser commented on how damaged it was ? didn’t even know about
    arganl ife. shampoo. but was in a store that sold the product and I read
    the description on the bottle and decided to try it.The hair care products
    I was using were expensive and also designed to be moisturizing, but just
    one use of arganl ife. shampoo made my hair, soft and manageable. After 2
    weeks of use I know I will never buy anything else! ?

  9. Mark Patrick says:

    I’ve had thin, limp hair all my life and when stressed, it tends to thin,
    which freaks me out even more. I’m glad I found arga.nrain products via a
    basic google search! I’m happy to report positive results. After a month
    or so, my hair was growing back stronger and thicker. ?

  10. twosure94 says:

    PROPECIA causes Irreversible Impotence in most men ! They are several
    class-action lawsuits against Merck over this ! Don’t fall for the fake
    testimonials being posted by Merck employees ! For Hairloss, just shave
    your head . Don’t destroy your life by going on FlNASTERIDE !!?

  11. Suxs to be bald

  12. Christin C. Cody says:

    Conventional treatment solutions will keep you trapped in the baldness yet,
    slowly make your baldness even worse.?

  13. Jordan Lennerth says:

    You give me courage man thank you?

  14. Brow Dambs says:

    Washing your hair with a good quality shampoo and conditioner choosing the
    mildest option is best I think. Don’t use baby shampoo. Surprisingly or not
    so surprisingly your diet can affect your scalp. Alkalising yourself and
    taking supplements is an option to consider. How’s your stress levels. My
    goodness hair loss sounds pretty drastic at any time dandruff or not. Have
    a massage. Take a float. Meditate or something.Natural oils like argan oil
    applied to the scalp are also known to help repair hair loss damage and
    promote healthy blood circulation to the scalp, which keeps follicles
    healthy too. I prefer Arganr ain Anti Hair Loss Products?

  15. geniusgardener says:

    I am experiencing mp hair loss. Your video has really made me realise it’s
    okay, and not to waste money or any more time worrying about it. I can
    still be attractive and successful without it! Thank you so much. ?

  16. George Hugh says:

    *Unfortunately there still not many options out there. Hair loss is tough
    and the best way to find what works for you is seeing your doctor. There is
    a great product to prevent hair lose and grow it faster; named Argan Rain*?

  17. Cory Olson says:

    fridge and table of successful seo mastermind…great chair too. ?

  18. Propecia causes Permanent Impotence in the majority of men who use it !!!
    Stay away from that fucking drug ! For hairloss, just shave your head !?

  19. quakerlyster says:

    Jason Statham?

  20. Joshua Smith says:

    He said “jury rig” lmao Don’t you mean jerry-rigged?

  21. Uncle Buck says:

    Tom Brady can’t talk he’s been losing his hair for years now.?

  22. Daniel Borja says:

    Research on beta sitosterol is a natural herb that blocks dht . Is almost
    as good as propicia good luck?

  23. Curious Tuber says:

    if you have a nice dick any girl or guy would keep you regardless of yer
    hairlessness 😀 ……no worries?

  24. Thomas King says:

    If you want to find a right shampoo and understand your condition further,
    there are further information Argan.rainwebsitee… I found the product on
    the link is very effective against hair loss. My personal experience is

  25. mustafa ahmed says:

    Propecia? Not even once! ?

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