Balding & Hair Loss on the Raw Vegan Diet? Deficiencies, Bromine Detox, & Topical Iodine Application

Balding & Hair Loss on the Raw Vegan Diet? Deficiencies, Bromine Detox, & Topical Iodine Application


  1. Did you have diabetes before you started the raw food diet? It’s one of the
    things I’m paranoid about when starting this diet.?

  2. Jason Skywalker says:

    eat kombu seaweed, loaded with iodine and it’s real food,vitamin/minerals
    sometimes don’t get absorbed as efficiently or at all in pill/powder form ?

  3. Fernand Polara says:

    I have some experience about hair loss products doing research and argan
    life products seems to be the best so far. This product makes my hair look
    awesome. My hair loss problem is reduced and regrowth is occured. I’ll buy
    it again.?

  4. John Smith says:

    Vegan diet causes hair loss, as well as aging skin. Skin needs protein –
    ppl who eat more meat might get more akne, but long term they look a lot
    younger and have better skin (and color)?

  5. PrimitiveMommy says:

    Look into cannabis oil for your diabetes. πŸ™‚ ?

  6. Ellen Kees says:

    I have a learned a lot from you, thank you so much.?

  7. poolahpot says:

    I am just starting to experience now…. πŸ™ ?

  8. Constanza Pinilla says:

    Hi Tasha. How do you feel? Are you feeling better? Thank for this video. I
    am losing my hair a lot. I have been doing a watermelon cleanse for 20
    days. Also, I did in April cleanse with green juices for 2 month. I dont
    know what to do with this problem. I try to clean my body but with this
    hair loss I feel very frustrated. Would you recommend me a vegetable or
    special juice? Thank you for and have a good day.?

  9. Amanda Windham says:

    I don’t know if this applies to you, but a clinical herbalist told me if
    you have any autoimmune trouble, especially involving the thyroid, it can
    aggravate your body into attacking itself even more if you don’t take
    selenium along with the iodine. Might be worth researching, but you seem so
    knowledgeable, you’ll be able to figure this out.
    Thanks for the great videos :-)?

  10. What you are experiencing is something I have seen in A LOT of raw food
    guru MALES. I can’t tell about women because women style their hair in a
    way that hides it, but yah… because of that weird balding pattern I will
    never be a long term raw-vegan. Scared me out of it.?

  11. how is your hair now??

  12. Marshall Tansil says:

    I began balding the first time I went Vegetarian. Now I’m about to embark
    on this journey again. I’m glad you made this video.?

  13. Tiffany Rose says:

    Hey, Im asking not to be mean, but ot of curiosity, You seem to have low
    energy, and You gasp for air often and I notice Your voice is mildly shaky
    and stressed, do You feel weak? Im sorry if You have medical issues I dont
    know about that cause this, I dont want to make anyone feel bad. Just heard
    You mention blood sugar I get issues with that and you said You had a cold
    so that could be it. But it also may be the veganism, i was vegan for 8
    years and did everything I was suppose to to supplement vitamin need by
    eating rich foods. I got so unhealthy it ruined My teeth and overall
    health. Not at first at first few years it was great, but then I started
    craving fish beyond the point of ignoring it. Once goin back My teeth
    stopped detiorating, thogh Im still dealing with the damage done. Im also
    wondering if My hair thinning was from veganism now? Thought it might help
    to share if You are feeling fatigued <3 When I finally ate fish My body was
    like Oh man why didnt You eat that sooner! Cool tips and info thanks!?

  14. Jessica d'Arcy says:

    I went through this too. I started taking biotin and it stopped instantly.
    Also I put a dechlorinator on my shower to reduce chlorine on my hair and
    scalp. ?

  15. Great video. I used to be vegetarian then vegan & my hair began thinning
    during that time. My hair is slowly growing back now. Check out my videos
    for more details. ?

  16. dgmartino2 says:

    My skin tags fell off using the lugol’s solution as well.?

  17. TheRawbboy says:

    i think you should try the Hippocrates diet….look up “brian clement”
    eat more greens sprouts…..when i’m eating lots of fruit my hair falls out
    like crazy……maybe its from candida or some form of yeast…..but when
    im on sprouts…..greens….with no fruitor very low like one peace every
    2-3 days…….my hair stop falling and the scalp fells much
    better…….not irritated” if you look this up……most of the long term
    high fruit advocates has very thin hair……or no hair……and look much
    old for their age?

  18. Rayla SunGazer says:

    You might want to google Andrew Norton Webber and check out his info on
    reversing balding. He is also in many videos on youtube. BTW… I bought
    that Barley Juice powder you mentioned and I LOVE IT!!!?

  19. Andy Odeh says:

    look up nascent iodine. its the most absorbable form of iodine and its
    incredibly good for you. I personally liked alex jones’s brand because it
    didn’t have alchohol. although its expensive, it lasts a long time because
    its so strong you only need a couple to a few drops a day. also sea salt is
    filled with minerals, unlike refined salt which just has a very small
    amount of added iodine that is mostly non bioavailable. I like this one on
    vitacostcom not sure what its called but I got a bunch of them because its
    incredibly good and has organic raw kelp and dulse which are sea vegetables
    and it says on the bottle naturally iodized. its like 3 dollars which is
    pricey considering the amount isn’t all that much but its so worth it. I
    also got like a pound bag of celtic salt which is more sea salt just cause
    its a little less expensive than the blend and I switch between them.?

  20. Stefany Wayne says:

    I wouldn’t think it’s a lack of calories because if anything it’ll tax your
    digestion and allow less room for healing. It’ll be really important to
    just eat more high mineral produce like greens and having a touch of
    Himalayan salt.. I feel for you and am going through the same thing. Damn
    iodine. ?

  21. Vegan Potato Star says:

    TOPPIK is a powder you can buy at Sally’s Beauty Supply. It’s wonderful for
    covering up bald areas on your scalp! πŸ™‚ It really works!?

  22. Sparky737 says:
  23. MsTaliBaBy says:

    Its the vegan diet. I was a strict vegan for 11 years and recently had to
    change my diet. I had so many deficiencies i was in denial even though I
    had so many of the symptoms that a long term vegan diet can cause. I was
    always having to incorporate a new supplement or super food to my diet
    to reverse the problems that i was having and it never worked things just
    got worse. You need fat soluble vitamins to absorb the vitamins and
    minerals you eat. All in all I learned that balance is the key to
    everything in life including diet. ?

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