Hairloss Update – Part 11 – Jan 2014

Hairloss Update - Part 11 - Jan 2014


  1. I can’t be bothered with this guy because he already has a great head of
    hair to begin with. I wanna see a bald motherfucka grow his hair, not big
    hair guy!?

  2. Allen Moldovan says:

    i think you would look bad ass with a shaved head. ?

  3. updates? ?

  4. consciouscoma says:

    People have been following you for far too long not to cut it bro, we all
    admire your courage, please fulfill the final piece ?

  5. dmitriy xx says:

    Update – Part 12 ???????????.?

  6. PhishSkater says:

    Me and my twin Brother are really considering buying a Hairmax and sharing
    it so it’s cheaper. I’ve noticed there’s more than one model, do you think
    it makes a difference which model you buy??

  7. Scott Little says:

    you sound unconvinced that the product works on one hand – unwilling to
    shave your head and do a comparison to where you used to be. But you also
    refuse to stop using the comb. Sounds like Hairmax has you in a fear
    headlock. ?

  8. Jimmy Kennedy says:

    I can’t wait to see your final update. For anyone thinking about getting
    the comb, it does work but only if you use it according to directions like
    Brian said. I am 40 with similar hair to Brian’s (early signs of thinning).
    It has been 4 months now for my hairmax @ 3 uses per 7 days. I am now
    starting to see results which is confirmed by comments from others who say
    how my hair looks thicker. My final judgement will come on the 1 year
    anniversary (6 months from now). If you buy the product you have to be
    patient because the human hair cycle is several months or more and your
    hair basically needs to be replaced will stronger hair on the next cycle of
    growth. ?

  9. David Ruvalcaba says:

    Yo i was looking for your last video to see the results of lazer comb where
    you shaved your head man did you ever post it up let me know ??

  10. Navjot Singh says:

    so brian, should i assume that lasercomb nd buy it??

  11. MD-Aeinul Islam says:

    Do you shed hair after using the comb? ?

  12. Ashwin Dora says:

    What is your loss count per day approximately ?

  13. When r u gonna shave ur head? R u still gonna do it??

  14. When you shaving it bro, does it work??

  15. Hawk Given says:

    Hey Brian! So, do you believe the comb works or not? Thanks.?

  16. I hope your grandparent gets better Brian, thanks for update. I been on
    the laser gain for about 3 months now, every other day. Want to just keep
    what is already there.

    Swiv2d: Actually some do at a very unnoticeable rate. There are very old
    people still with most of their hair. ?

  17. Dome Review says:

    I just commented on your first video to ask if you had posted an update.
    This answered my question!?

  18. That first stage is normal it’s after that I think that is the stuff you
    can shave cause people don’t realise this but your hairline starts moving
    up from age 16 and onwards.?

  19. Jeremiah Link says:

    Hey Brian, I am considering buying a hairmax and I think that my hair was
    at relatively the same stage as yours in update one except the front
    doesn’t have those cuts. One of my biggest inhibitions about buying this
    product is the shedding which in forums seems to be extremely
    psychologically stressful and could last for a decent period of time. Did
    you experience significant shedding in your hairmax use??

  20. Really want to see a final review, do you recommend it overall though? I
    just have thinning hair due to rapid weightloss/stress not male pattern

  21. Brian Williams says:

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