Growing child’s hair back after her hair loss

Growing child's hair back after her hair loss


  1. esther djuma says:

    Il love this video?

  2. lasandra klötzli says:

    pls make more vids?

  3. Celestea Deanes says:

    sage tea– herbal— will grow hair on a bowling ball! that and cocoanut,
    olive oil and natural henna, the cream variety—Indian herbs and contains
    Brazilian herbals are fantastic?

  4. aa60508 . says:

    awww… cute?

  5. Joan J. Mercado says:

    You are able to re-grow your own hair in a natural way in 6 months, without
    spend a lot of money for surgery & expensive treatment?

  6. Raselle Bell says:

    My daughter has been dealing with this hair loss that made her completely
    bald. Her doctor and demetalogists both gave her similar liquid medicines
    and shampoos to control the fungus. Neither are helping her hair grow. I
    oil it and brush on a daily basis its showing some progess though?

  7. Santavia Dotson says:

    I’m Going To Try This For My Daughter, She’s Not Bald But Her Hair Isn’t
    Even All Around. Its Short ?

  8. Shampoo Mate says:

    I love her Afro puffs!?

  9. Kimberly Starr says:

    Thank you so much this really helps and makes me feel better about my
    daughter’s hair?

  10. Shawna F. Mathieson says:

    You could re-grow your thinning hair or cure your baldness totally by stop
    the creation of Dihydrotestosterone (the hormone which cause hairloss)?

  11. M Wilburn says:

    The same thing happened to me when I was 4 years old. I had a ringworm on
    my scalp and had a bald spot. But the doctor gave me a liquid medicine to
    take daily and told my mom to use Selsun Blue. My hair grew back quick.?

  12. Camae' Rice says:

    the same thing is happening to my daughter….a patch of hair fell out in
    the crown of her head from a fungus and now the area is very thin. I am
    trying to find different hair styles that will hide her hair loss…thanks
    for the info ?????

  13. nekreiea Dumas says:

    I really need some tips how to grow my oldest daughter hair. it very curly
    but it draws up. its growing very slow!!!!! any tips I reallly need help??

  14. Justine Enyan says:

    The little girl is so so cute?

  15. magnalana dabney says:

    red noes
    and child’s hair growing back?

  16. Latoya Scott says:

    Great job mom. How did u mix your ingredients, was it a whole tube or just
    half? Thanks in advance?

  17. Ann Johnson says:

    Wow I’m sure it wasn’t only the products that helped your daughter’s hair
    to grow but the TLC you administered day in and day out helped stimulate
    her locks. You are a good mom. She’s absolutely beautiful and her hair is

  18. Shantell Ferguson says:

    Thanks for the info

  19. That’s amazing that you cured it naturally, she looks exactly like you 🙂
    she is so pretty!?

  20. magnalana dabney says:

    ok I’LL give you some tips?

  21. That’s amazing that you cured it naturally, she looks exactly like you 🙂
    she is so pretty!?

  22. sweetybyrd65 says:

    Alyssa is such a cutie! My eldest daughter had a fungus in her scalp when
    she was a little girl years ago. It spread all over her head. Thankfully
    she also had a very thick head of hair so I was able to cover up where her
    hair came out. Her hair grew back in too, but we did not know about using
    Miconozole or Monistat which would have been a lot cheaper than using
    prescription topical treatments from the dermatologist that probably
    contained like ingredients. I’m glad that her hair is coming back nicely.
    Where did you find the shampoo and conditioner??

  23. NaturallyNerdeeNicol says:

    Do you all know how she got the fungus??

  24. Monica Overton says:

    Great job mom. Keep up the good work. I know as a mother myself, it takes a
    lot of work & care to keep our girls hair healthy. You did that!!! ?

  25. gertrude etta says:

    awesome job and thanks for sharing. How did she get the fungus infection??

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