DIY Hair Mask to GROW HAIR FAST, PREVENT HAIR LOSS, and Make it Healthier 1 inch in 1 week

DIY Hair Mask to GROW HAIR FAST, PREVENT HAIR LOSS, and Make it Healthier  1 inch in 1 week


  1. makemeup89 says:

    +rabab gill It is a matter of what you choose to put in it. So if you wish
    to skip the Aloe Vera you can… All the ingredients do good to your hair
    so if you miss one that won’t mean that the rest won’t work with the hair.
    It still will… so yes you can skip on Aloe Vera or any of the other
    ingredients. Please don’t miss too much because than it might be hard for
    the mask to work.?

  2. *I have been using **Superhairfood** anti hair loss product as my friend’s
    suggestion for about a week together with the Hair, skin and nail
    multivitamin in Costco. As I saw in the mirror today, my hair looks kinda
    darker and thicker, less hair loss. For now, am very happy with the quick
    result. I will continue to update the improvement later in the next few

  3. isha singh says:

    Thnk you. I just mad one today and thank god I found your vedio Beafore I
    loose all my questions how long will it take to my hair grow?

  4. thepisaller says:

    I’m about to try this out, took me weeks to find the ginger branch. Wish me
    luck 🙂 btw how often do you need to do this??

  5. Jerzeegurl524 says:

    I must try this har treatment mask! All good ingredients.?

  6. TheInglorious JuicyBalls says:

    +Thenotorious studtimmie who has time to boil this into boiling our
    synthetic weave?

  7. Wwedivayani22 says:

    I will try this as well and post to see if it worked for me?

  8. Hey, You are beautiful.
    I have thin hair, prone to split ends at certain length, oily scalp and dry
    (nearly fried) hair strands. No dandruff, No hair loss. Have few questions
    1. Do ginger makes hair grey? (Just curious)
    2. Can I use mustard oil instead of coconut oil? (Well, all oils make me
    feel having fried / crispy hair after shampoo ..they are that dry)
    3. How often I can use this mask in a week?

    Hope to find my answers soon.?

  9. Can you list measurements for each ingredients? you managed to say 1.5 cups
    of water, and it seems like 3 table spoons of coconut oil, and 1 ginger
    branch was used.

    How much (in measurements) should I use of aloe Vera and green tea??

  10. Lacy Alspaugh says:

    I won’t rub ur hair like u did on the end cause that make it more split
    ends I learn my lesson on that so I don’t do that. But ur hair is beautiful
    just be careful with rubbing at the ends ?

  11. Samantha Gargle says:

    Can i use vasline and meltit??

  12. Frank Lies says:

    For healthy hair,treat your hair very carefully. Do not brush it unless it
    needs brushing. Avoid blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons. Don’t dye
    it, perm it or relax it. Use a hot oil treatment once a week to enhance
    shine and overall health. Use a gentle shampoo without sulfates, which can
    dry and damage hair. I would recommend you this argan life..sulfate,
    silicone, alcohol, salt and dye free?

  13. Andrew Daniel says:

    Unfortunately there still not many options out there. Hair loss is tough
    and the best way to find what works for you is seeing your doctor. There is
    a great product to prevent hair lose and grow it faster; named Argan Rain

  14. Navi Sandhu says:

    Can I use any green tea and coconut oil?

  15. Valentina Catherine says:

    You are right, stress can be a big cause for hair to fall, among others.
    Here is a list of natural methods of preventing hair loss..?

  16. I could only find ginger roots…hope that’ll work…I’m gonna try it
    anyway lol just cooked it! P.S. Aloe gel is DISGUSTING! AND IT SMELLS LIKE
    B.O.! I still went with it tho…?

  17. upneet kaur says:

    Wowwwww seriously its good for hair i use this remedies ?

  18. SkyHighClouds says:

    Yay! Approaching Nirvana music! #/->//?

  19. Mariella Cedano says:

    Instead of coconut oil can I use a regular oil? Would that be okay? Want to
    try it now please reply! Love it?

  20. Chandra Kantha says:

    Hi I like your videos can you do one video to make hair black? ?

  21. FĂ milia FrancicĂ” says:

    Lovee yu too! Yu are so great thx again. I’m going to put this in my hair
    all day tomorrow!!!!?

  22. jakkannagari manasa says:

    can we use this daily or not and can we use shampoo for this or not
    please provide the details ?

  23. amel bella says:

    you are so beautiful girl.?

  24. You look like parineeti chopra?

  25. Brisa Salas says:

    So is this for both hair loss and hair growth??

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