Scalp Micropigmentation Los Angeles – James’s Propecia Hair Loss Story

Scalp Micropigmentation Los Angeles - James's Propecia Hair Loss Story


  1. Alex Markovic says:

    can i leave my hair grow for 4-5 days than cut short ? but the hair line
    does not change that much ?

  2. scott thomas says:

    How much? ?

  3. Vladimir Makarov says:

    Wow, a really natural look!?

  4. its pretty good but his own hair needs to be shorter he just does not have
    enough hair on top to pull off a 2 day growth look?

  5. shaymless1986 says:

    looks so well, cant wait to get mine in manchester when i fly over from
    ireland. had my consultation via skype and got my price so just saving
    toward it now, soooo cant wait-im like James in the vid as i will still
    wear hats as i love my hats anyway BUT for situations like suits and some
    clubs that dont allow hats it will be coll to just have tha piece of mind
    that i dont look like ive bald areas underneath da hat.
    really cool music on the vid also.?

  6. The best result!?

  7. oOHEISCOMINGOo says:

    Can’t wait to get this done.. I had a hair transplant but wish I saved the
    money and did this?

  8. HisHairClinic says:

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