Hair loss and growth on vegan/raw foods diet!

Hair loss and growth on vegan/raw foods diet!


  1. Shanna Allen says:

    +Dimitraa Beingyou Can’t reply to your comment so I hope you see this. The
    first (and worst) period of hair loss started a few months into my vegan
    diet and lasted a couple months. As soon as it started growing again the
    hair loss became much less noticeable. The other period of hair loss was
    much less intense and lasted a shorter time. More recently when I was
    doing Raw Till 4 I had some mild hair loss, and now that I am back on raw
    it is slowing. I think you have to explore supplementation and decide if
    it is right for you. I take trace minerals occasionally and also some
    other supplements but I think that ultimately staying raw 100% is the
    absolute KEY! :-)?

  2. Panambi C. says:

    Oh thank you so so much for sharing you expreince, this motivates me and
    now I know I am on the right path. I shared my story on my blog, because
    heard that so many are dealing with this change… now I am even happy they
    are falling out and growing so strong new curles and so fast! Love my
    hair… I shared your video as testimony in the comments section. Here is
    the link to my entry if you want to read my story:
    Maybe you want to share some tips or more experience with us readers in the
    comments. Much love <3?

  3. Jamie Swanson says:

    Great video. Your hair is so beautiful!!!! πŸ™‚

  4. Supreme Banana says:

    Hi! What minerals did you use? I’ve been vegan a few months and my hair is
    killing me (falling out like crazy).?

  5. Kierce Hare says:

    Hey Shanna,
    thanks for doing this video! I wanted to offer some advice though if you
    don’t mind. Are you making videos for your self to chronicle your path, or
    are you making them to help “random people” like me? If your doing it for
    the ladder or even both reasons, you should really do a quick outline, or
    something like that before the video. Like if you are going over past
    events, even just write down on paper some dates, or some notes to guide
    you along and make it clear. I really liked that you have an interesting
    experience and positive story to share, but it was frustrating to get on
    your wavelength since I wasn’t sitting in the room with you to ask you
    questions. Its pretty confusing like most “average” you tube things you
    click on. And I wanted to offer the advice because it seems like you could
    be way above average with a little prep. Thanks!?

  6. Johnny Phenix says:

    Patients? Are you a doctor or something? And why do you take suplements??

  7. pointeshoes27 says:

    Im experiencing the same severe hairless at the moment, i eat a 95% raw
    vegan diet. Its been about 4 months of me following the vegan diet. I just
    wish the hair loss would stop, its so devastating :(?

  8. I’m having the same issues, but I think it is a protein deficiency. I’ve
    been increased my protein (beans, lentils, soy, vegan protein shakes) and
    it seems to help. I’m 215 lbs so i think my body needs more protein than a
    120 lbs person.?

  9. Jamie Swanson says:

    Ya you’re gorgeous!! Make more videos. So good!!! I like the random dog
    noise as well πŸ™‚

  10. Jerzeegurl524 says:

    Shanna, I’m glad to have stumbled upon your video. It is so powerful! I’m
    thinking of going raw, but don’t know where to start. Will you consider
    doing a video on beginning a raw food lifestyle. Your hair looks so
    healthy and gorgeous :~)?

  11. Frutario Jason Kvestad says:

    Yo hair looks nice. I think im a random person…?

  12. Glad to have found this video as well. I am thinking about converting also?

  13. Dimitraa Beingyou says:

    I am vegan for nearly a month (vegetarian for 3 months) and my hair are
    falling out like crazy!! I always had very thick hair, and now I am like
    “plz god bring my lovely hair back”
    So your hair started growing back after about a year on raw vegan diet? I
    don’t know but I feel like going bald for the rest 10-11 months:d. At least
    your video gave me much more hope, I just have to wait thought. ?

  14. Deeksha Sharma says:

    thanks for sharing this?

  15. Shanna Allen says:

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