VSG – Hair Loss/Thinning Locs Part 1

VSG - Hair Loss/Thinning Locs Part 1


  1. cal norris says:

    I started my journey 7 months ago and recently started having the thin root
    issue on top with 3 of my locs, did you ever find a solution??

  2. I Rosecursy says:

    Thank you by the way….lol?

  3. I Rosecursy says:

    You are the only one that is on here that talks about locs after VSG.?

  4. I Rosecursy says:

    Thank you….thank you for this vid.?

  5. A_ReNude_ME says:

    Hi..new subie here. First let me say you look awesome with your weight
    loss. I can really see it in your face. congratulations and keep up the
    great progress! Thank you so much for this video..I am scheduled to have
    WLS on 1/13/14.and I too have locs, and like you have struggled to find
    someone who had vsg & locs…to be honest I am petrified to know I am going
    to lose some of them, I have grown so attached to them and love the
    carefree lifestyle that it brings. But hey to loss this weight & regain my
    health..I will do what I I’ve to do, including going bald. (I know that’s
    kinda dramatic, I tend to be like that on occasion. lol) I currently do not
    have any of my own videos, I’m more of a spectator as it relates to being
    so open, maybe WLS will help me get the courage. I hope that you will
    continue to update about your progress. I am thankful for your transparency
    with your journey…?

  6. Hi! I’m having the sleeve done hopefully this summer. I had locs fo 7 years
    and cut them off about 2 years ago. It was also my 2nd set. How has your
    hair thinning been since you posted this video? I’m curious in general
    because I already have some thinning on the sides and front of my hair,
    naturally. Thanks for posting this video! :-)?

  7. Anita Alford says:

    You should cut your hair and start over without locks, I am just suggesting?

  8. Cheryl Nickelson says:

    I have experience hair lost after surgery it’s the medication they use at
    the time of the surgery. I can recommend daily scalp massages and and toke
    sure when you shampoo your hairlike sure you are rinsing all the product
    out. And make sure your hair is dried properly. I use argan oil and organic
    coconut oil on my hair. And make sure you tie your hair up at night. Good

  9. NorthernSutherner says:

    WORD UP D, i hope eveything workds out

  10. Monique Martinez says:

    Plz keep us posted!

  11. MsJenny813 says:

    I don’t have locs, but I am experiencing lots of loss so I feel ya there.
    Hope she can give you some hope =) I love your hair! Good luck!

  12. msmanie1974 says:

    My loss stopped after like month 4. OAN…your face looks skinny and so
    clear. Be blessed

  13. WestCoastRust says:

    Dawn!!! So happy to see you on here….not happy to hear about the hair
    loss. Mine has stopped after after 3 months. I hope it gets better soon.

  14. Liya_Marie says:

    Thank you for posting this. I was having trouble finding ppl w/locs& vsg
    talking about this as well. Hopefully your locs bounce back 🙂

  15. nakea simone says:

    Girl I am so glad you made this video although I don’t have locs I am
    natural and I am noticing a lot of shedding. I had my RNY surgery 13 weeks
    ago. I was told to try not to wear my puffs and no braids at this time or
    any styles that create tention. So I feel ya on not being able find any
    info on natural haircare after surgery. And castor oil is great for the

  16. you are right I have not seen anyone with locs that had surgery with hair
    loss , but im rny and I have mad balding I have to wear my wigs no choice I
    hope things work out for you

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