Scalp MicroPigmentation Birmingham – Brian’s Hair Loss Story

Scalp MicroPigmentation Birmingham - Brian's Hair Loss Story


  1. gigi pedala says:

    What will happen when he will grow old and his hair will get white? On the
    sides of the head it will be white and on the top black. Very good solution
    for the future indeed…?

  2. Great looking. Very natural with the hairline not beeing overworked(ie too
    low). This bloke will be pleased to old age.?

  3. shaymless1986 says:

    His looks so well and my god he looks SOO amazing and happy and confident
    after it and he should do as it’s taken years off him! Can’t wait to get
    mine done!! Have my consultation Monday

  4. Hi, treatment looks nice…What Norwood was this client, how many sessions
    is this video from and what ink shade was used on him??

  5. HisHairClinic says:

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