Minoxidil and Hair Loss Treatments by Trichologist

Minoxidil and Hair Loss Treatments by Trichologist


  1. Carolyn Evans says:

    Hi, thank you for your kind words and glad the information provided is
    helping you. Correct diagnosis is the key to the right treatments for your
    hair loss. Please go to website Absolique Hair Health Clinic to make
    contact and discuss which products will suit you best and the associated
    product cost.?

  2. Barica Terzi? says:


  3. nicolindura says:

    Hi Carolyn I am in the UK and bought Activance its great! I also want to
    buy the vitamins you mention and the scalp cleanser! where can I order
    this? please let me know!?

  4. Radislav Knev says:

    Hi, thanks for your video. I live in Australia, i found your video very
    interesting and educating. I am experiencing hair loss and i am looking out
    for different treatments, but some of them are very expensive. I am
    wondering where can i get those products you was showing and talking about?
    How much are they cost??

  5. loveieone says:

    Thank you for your videos they are very informational. I live in the US and
    I would like to speak to someone regarding my hair lose so that I make the
    best decision for me. Please let me know how I can reach you and what the
    ordering process is. Thanks?

  6. Learned a lot from this short video, u r very beautiful n so full of
    knowledge. 🙂 Does scalp massage with a brush increase hair growth/brushing
    your hair for 10 mins everyday increase hair growth? What if you can’t
    afford surgery or propecia and u only have small areas for hair loss in
    your front temples/around hairline is there anything you can do from
    home/are there any home remedies to make the spots feel in? Thanks.

  7. I’ve seen these and some other videos rom you fwith interesting products
    i’d like to try. Is there a way I can purchase or find these products when
    I don’t live in AU and there doesn’t seem to be any trichologists in Puerto

  8. The natural alternative works the same as the minoxidil product u mentioned
    in this video?

  9. Carolyn Evans says:

    There other Trichologists in the US but if you need my products we do ship
    to the Us, let me know and we can help.

  10. Carolyn Evans says:

    Sadly the natural alternatives do not work as well as minoxidil, however,
    they do work. Natural DHT Inhibitors are available but you must be pH
    balanced. HLCC Re-Stim Plus is a good version of Minoxidil and I get great
    results with Combination Therapy in clinic and HomeCare. Hope this helps.
    Kind regards, Carolyn Evans I.A.T. Trichologist Absolique Hair Health Clinic

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