How to Make NATURAL homemade Aloe Vera Shampoo (to Grow hair & Treat hair loss) – Part 1 of 3

How to Make NATURAL homemade Aloe Vera Shampoo (to Grow hair & Treat hair loss) - Part 1 of 3


  1. Wililah Xavier says:

    just made mine and used it! i have really long hair (> 3 feet) so i used
    the entire aloe leaf and 1/2 cup water. and no oil since i believe my scalp
    does too good of a job in that department. i don’t have a blender so i used
    my Nutribullet instead. i strained but i guess the bullet took care of the
    fibers because nothing was strained out. and i used it all up with two
    consecutive washes. and… it felt really really GOOD! my scalp was finally
    at peace almost instantly. no itching or stinging or the feeling of being
    heavily medicated. i really didn’t want to wash it off. it felt great!!! on
    the first wash i left the shampoo on for 10 min before i rinsed and the
    second wash was only for 5 min. No heavy weighed down feeling like
    commercial shampoo and conditioner. just a fresh clean feeling. i was going
    to wait for my hair to dry to comment on final results but my hair takes
    too long to dry and i couldn’t wait that long. besides, with the way my
    scalp feels now, aloe leaves are now on my essentials list. i’m very

  2. TheEmj1986 says:

    very interesting indeed. Thanks alot for sharing! :)?

  3. How to Make NATURAL homemade Aloe Vera Shampoo (to Grow hair & Treat hair
    loss) – Part 1 of 3?

  4. Rocio Aguilar says:

    Can I use almond oil? ?

  5. MrandMissConverted says:

    Apologies, I did not mention in the video that straining the shampoo after
    blending is ideal if rinsing thoroughly might pose a challenge with some
    hair types. The white dandruff like bits are fibrous pieces that are within
    the leaf (since the ‘gel’ is not all gel substance). Let me know how things
    work out after straining.

  6. MrandMissConverted says:

    Consider refrigerating it. Also see the other parts to this series for
    information about natural preservation.

  7. rosyivory says:

    As I see all characteristics you mentioned of each ingredient benefits oily
    hair/ scalp what about dry hair/ scalp is this shampoo good for it too?

  8. MrandMissConverted says:

    @linamarquez It really is a matter of experimenting for your hair type and
    length. Regarding the oil, my blog has details since the number of drops
    may depend on your circumstances. However, you could omit the oil
    altogether, especially if your hair is not a dry type. Re the water, try
    will just a little, maybe 1/4 cup and then keep adding a LITTLE at a time
    if you need when lathering. Let’s know how it works out.

  9. i have minor fungal infection due to that my scalp is secreting more sebums
    will this work on me can anyone suggest me how long i should use it.

  10. MrandMissConverted says:

    Never tried hemp oil. You will need to experiment, preferably by starting
    with very small volumes first. Having said that, you really do not need oil
    at all. I mostly skip the oil and get great results.

  11. MrandMissConverted says:

    You may use as much as you need to get your hair clean. Whatever fits into
    the palm of your hand about once or twice might suffice? … maybe more if
    your hair is longer perhaps. It’s not a science and it should be safe to
    use as much as you like without concern of toxicity.

  12. rockstepa says:

    This may be a weird question but I honestly don’t know and I didn’t see
    anything regarding this but just to be sure, do you have to refrigerate the
    shampoo to help it last or can you leave it out in room temperature?

  13. MrandMissConverted says:

    @morelovetum Apologies for not giving that information. The number of drops
    largely depends on various factors that include your age and whether you
    are pregnant. You can find a table with that information on the following
    page of our blog naturopathiccontrol [DOT] blogspot [DOT]
    com/2010/10/solutions-for-specific-hair-and-scalp.html Let us know about
    your results

  14. officialanitagrace says:

    There are many reason for hair lost. I will tell anyone u must address the
    problem inside and out. U must find out if ur hair loss is due to stress,
    medication, chemicals, ph and so forth. When i lost my hair it was because
    of a new blood pressure medication. I cleaned my blood and system out with
    a supplement called Red Japanese Pine Oil and began to take B complex and
    vitiam c. I hope this helps u. Take care.

  15. MrandMissConverted says:

    @tutushunu If you have dry hair, using the oil will be more useful than
    otherwise. Therefore, if you do not have dry hair, consider using less or
    no oil. The oil works best for people with dry hair. Let us know how it
    works out.

  16. MzzJay1Diva says:

    Can I use the whole leaf aloe vera juice from the vitamin shoppe?

  17. TheBigbirdri says:

    @mrandmrsconverted i have a question , instead of planting an aloe vera
    plant can i buy jojoba &aloe vera oil and use it with the same results , if
    so what brand or sites would you reccomend plz reply asap. Thanks!

  18. tutushunu says:

    hhi there it sounds very good m goin to try this one may god bless u all 🙂

  19. MrandMissConverted says:

    You mentioned aloe “OIL”. Be careful. My impression is that aloe oil on the
    market cld be mineral oil with hints of aloe vera. If you only have 2 oils,
    you’ll still need commercial shampoo. This approach defeats the purpose of
    natural shampoos. BTW, the jojoba oil is optional for people with dry hair
    (like some black people) If you really can’t have a plant, aloe vera juice
    is possible. I make my own aloe vera juice and can not advise on brand
    names. BTW, juice will NOT sud.

  20. miranda lands says:

    I’m sure it work just as good.

  21. MrandMissConverted says:

    Yes it will. However, the lather will certainly NOT be as thick as that of
    the commercial shampoos. In fact, it has more of a slippery feel. The 3rd
    part of this video discusses this (and other FAQs). The links of the
    subsequent parts to this video are in the description of this video.

  22. Temickab b says:

    I have essential oils and a carrier oil which is grape seed oil. IS that ok
    to use?

  23. MrandMissConverted says:

    @makanisouza Sorry for not having responding sooner. That depends on a few
    factors specific to you. Have a look at the matrix on the page on our blog:
    naturopathiccontrol [DOT] blogspot [DOT]
    com/2010/10/solutions-for-specific-hair-and-scalp.html See how it works
    over time and make the necessary adjustments. Let us know how it works out
    for you.

  24. littleevan says:

    @littleevan uuh yea, i forget how much time do i need to use this to see
    the results??????? and if i can mix with other shampoos or conditioner the
    comercial ones??? thanx!!

  25. MrandMissConverted says:

    You may use other oils that are suitable to the condition of your hair and
    scalp. … In fact, you can also proceed without oil at all.

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