Stop Hair Loss Using Coconut

Stop Hair Loss Using Coconut


  1. deepikamakeup says:

    loving your top and makeup?

  2. Tina Sachdeva says:

    can i use packed coconut milk ???? ?

  3. Where can I find that coconut shaver tool that you were using??

  4. hey,i am having rough dry frizzy curly hair,plz suggest a good conditioner
    and shampoo,would appreciate your help. thnx.?

  5. You look amazing! Thanks for the tips!?

  6. Farhee Tiwana says:

    How about canned coconut milk (unsweetened)??

  7. vanessa velazquez says:

    Will it work if my hair loss is also due to stress

  8. Jennifer Barretto says:

    Your eye makeup is so nice! You should do a video for it. :)?

  9. liltinky18am says:

    Do u recomemed coconut milk from the store or does it have to be the fruit?

  10. Kausy Thiv. says:

    I love your dress and your makeup too?

  11. Bajeela Furveen says:

    Can I use the store bought coconut milk instead? Is it as effective??

  12. Thank you for sharing this. I will definitely try this out.?

  13. Imrana Momin says:

    Can u plz do a tutorial on this makeup look? =)?

  14. VarshaaaBeauty says:

    Is your hair dyed? And if so, what hair dye did you use? Either that or the
    lighting but it looks great! ?

  15. Shabnam Khan says:

    OMG… I am literally groaning out of jealousy and say Girl you are too hot
    to resist. I need a fan at this 5 degree Celsius >:( ?

  16. fifigurlrocks says:

    Are you really supposed to sleep with the coconut milk in your hair? Do you
    put a plastic bag over your hair to cover it from getting it all over your

  17. You mentioned that its the oil that penetrates the hair so can i just use
    coconut oil instead of the coconut cream? And if i need to use the coconut
    milk does it have to be fresh or can i use canned coconut cream instead??

  18. I want to try it. Now I want to know where to buy a fresh coconut????

  19. Thank you?

  20. its so effective I tried and love it thanxxxxxxxxx?

  21. I mean coconut milk*?

  22. Hey is this coconut oil milk also boys can use ??

  23. Thanks so much, I’ve been noticing my hair is thinning and losing volume,
    so I will try this as soon as I can. ?

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