My Hair Loss & Recovery Story + Tips for Healthy Hair!

My Hair Loss & Recovery Story + Tips for Healthy Hair!


  1. spaceysno1girl . says:

    I think this is a very brave video, hair loss is a hard thing, i lost a lot
    of hair when my Nana was diagnosed terminally ill, the stress made my hair
    fall out and it took a while to grow back and i still have some loss with
    stress these days to. Its such a sensitive subject and its great that you
    are tackling something like this xx?

  2. Thanks for sharing your story, I started losing my hair as well, im 25, a
    couple of months ago I removed my wisdom tooth and couldnt eat any solid
    food, and I lost 9 pounds in 2 weeks, I also joined the gym
    and eliminated wheat and dairy, and after 3 months I started losing hair,
    clumps would fall off as i comb and wash my hair. My derm diagnosed me with
    telogen effluvium…she said it will grow back in 6 months, but it’s been 5
    months and my hair is still falling, i see some new regrowth but doesnt
    compare to the amount I lost…..I really hope this is temporary, I lost
    about 50% of my hair in just 5 months, I use viviscal as well, the shedding
    keeps getting better, then it gets worse again, it’s very frustrating and

  3. FoolyLiving says:

    lol@ Christmas elf. I agree, this is a brave video for you to make. I am
    sure this will help other women dealing with this. Amazingly honest and I’m
    glad you were able to speak about it! If you stopped taking the supplements
    would your hair start to fall out again? I think your hair looks great. I
    had thin hair for about a year and its still thin, but I have about 2-3
    inches of weird regrowth. It doesn’t go with my hair – its very
    unmanageable, so I can definitely see how you say your hair was never the
    same again. It’s weird how that happened. Do you think the higher fat in a
    low-carb diet is helping your hair? Interesting about the cacao!! You know
    I totally agree with your food philosophy! Mythic oil looks good. I will
    look for that. These are great tips and a well-thought out video! Thanks
    for showing what you use! P.S. I agree – be worried about sugar, not fat!
    <3 ?

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