Mary Corrigan on how low iron levels can cause hair loss

Mary Corrigan on how low iron levels can cause hair loss


  1. whatsupwithmyhair says:

    Please note the comments by Hadya Mcardle and Gahan Grieves are SPAM?

  2. Hadya Mcardle says:

    Science has demonstrate that 90% of all baldness in both men and woman come
    from DHT. In order to permanently regrow your thinning hair or cure you
    baldness, you have to get rid of the root cause your problem; prevent the
    development of DHT and stop it before it ever grows to your scalp.?

  3. copperhead88 says:

    why didnt u fix the problem by eating iron rich Foods? u mean your hair
    will never grow back?

  4. Sonam Lakhani says:

    hi, i started taking 305mg 3 times a day. my hair has pretty much stopped
    falling out now, and i dont really take much iron anymore! good luck to you

  5. NiGhTmaReoFanGels12 says:

    i have low iron levels in my body and i vegeterian :L i dont eat meat… i
    only drink a iron vitamins

  6. deborah smith meehan says:

    I take loads of iron but my hair is still falling out

  7. roshan bista says:

    Has someone heard about Hair 790 Formula? My brother applied the treatment
    on his scalp and soon after started seeing growth of hair in a month or
    two! I don’t remember the site just google the name.

  8. Even though I was taking over-the-counter 35 mg of iron supplements for 4 –
    5 months, my hair was still falling out and my ridges in my fingernails did
    not go away. Besides the other common symptoms of fatigue and irregular
    heartbeat, I did a blood test to find that my iron levels were still really
    low. The supplements I was taking were not strong enough. I was then
    prescribed 300 mg of iron supplements which I am to take twice a day for
    the next 4 months before my next test.

  9. Maheer Senn says:

    It’s not just women who suffer hair loss from anemia. I’m a19 year old
    underweight male with anemia, I’ve been losing hair since I was 12 now it’s
    gone very thin on top and on the sides

  10. Daniel Ekman says:

    u need to drink loads of vitamin C to absorb the iron better…

  11. whatsupwithmyhair says:

    @naturally4life Many thanks for your comments, I am glad that the
    information has been useful for you. I hope you go on to achieve hair the
    regrowth you desire. Best wishes.

  12. xxmdogxx1ify1 says:

    red meat oatmeal spinach oysters chicken

  13. ttwarrior1 says:

    what about iron being bad for the heart and iron overdoses, i think im
    already getting enough iron. I also have restless leg syndrome also and
    that can be iron def as well. But doc says my levels are normal

  14. Aleena Soban says:

    my serum ferritin is 15ng and i do have hair loss and shortnes of breath
    etc.but like about a few years back i’m having unwanted facial hair growth
    and doctors say check if you got any hormonal imbalance, previous test said
    normal except the prolactin which was slightly higer…any suggestion?

  15. Sonam Lakhani says:

    i think my level was 6. doctor was not very clear. I’ve been on ferrous
    fumarate 305mg but am still losing my hair. I’ve been losing it for 8
    months now! I’m going crazy..pretty sure I’m losing the same amount of hair
    i was at the beginning. no idea what to do, the stress makes me lose more
    its just a vicious cycle.

  16. Sonam Lakhani says:

    you can eat as much iron rich foods as humanly possible but if you’re
    severely low it would still never be enough. hence iron supplements…

  17. Has any one read about Hair 790 Formula? My brother used the remedy on his
    scalp and then he began seeing new hair growth in a few weeks! I forgot the
    site just google it.

  18. nailayousaf4eva says:

    Can u have the iron tablets from Asda??

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