Hair Thinning & Hair Loss…Grow Your Hair Long. Tips & Tricks-scrappyjessi

Hair Thinning & Hair Loss...Grow Your Hair Long. Tips & Tricks-scrappyjessi


  1. Joan J. Mercado says:

    You may re-grow your hair naturally within 6 months, without pay tons of
    money for surgery & costly treatment?

  2. Marta Colombo says:

    Thank you, i was crying for this problem, your video really helped. <3?

  3. Valerie Smith says:

    Thank you so much for that!?

  4. Thank you!?

  5. mimiplac Afrovegan says:

    Thank you! This a very comprehensive video.?

  6. lilly ojosbellos says:

    How many times a week i should wash my hair? whats the best hair color for
    ladys after 45 that are loosing hair, im light skin ?

  7. Thank you sooooo much! I have almost lost hope in gaining my thickness back
    but this video has restored my faith! Thank you!?

  8. Elizabeth Ocasio says:

    Information was good but you talk to much and I just need you to get right
    to the point.?

  9. Get a good bra Jessi ;)?

  10. Melanie Kyle says:

    That was so helpful. Thank you for the video:)?

  11. Is the Rene Furterer good for fine and oily hair? I have thin and oily
    hair! Don’t know if it work for oily type!?

  12. hardworker1ca says:

    Thank you so much for this video!!! It’s so informative, I will try some
    if not all what you have suggested :)?

  13. Diane Brol says:

    Hi! Just subscribed,i’m just in menopause and loosing hair and thinning
    hair i’ll try your advice bye

  14. Alisa Karter says:

    I made an ombra brown top very long red bottom, I did it by azccident i
    strojngly grew out my roots to not know its out in style now, I let it
    grows no matte how funny it looks, because my hair was very damaged on the
    verge of breaking off

  15. Peasandhoney says:

    Washes only… Sorry on my phone. Xox

  16. Jessi Nagy says:

    thanks for subbing. good luck!!!

  17. Jessi Nagy says:

    oh im so glad it helped. Thanks for subbing. πŸ™‚

  18. cosmetica529 says:

    Oh wow! This was super helpful and chock full of excellent information. I
    added this to my favorites and I think I will be referring to it again and
    again. I’m excited to try the Rene Furterer Forticea shampoo and
    conditioner, the Rusk Shining spray, Aveda Volumizing powder and soooo many
    other products you mentioned (and very cool that you supplied the links).
    You really put a lot of time and effort into making this video and I
    appreciate it! :)))

  19. Rubie Rose says:


  20. Ive been noticing my hair is thinning lately, I think from
    stress/hypothyroid. This vid is just what I needed! A male friend of mine
    swears by Nioxin products. Ill have to try it out. Just found your vids
    tonight and subscribed. πŸ™‚

  21. hi, and welcome. i hope you find some of my other videos helpful too.

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