Acupuncture Hair loss treatment with Indian herb part 6

Acupuncture Hair loss treatment with Indian herb part 6


  1. Orenthal Goff says:

    hello Everyone!! please check how I grew my hair back in seven months!!

    please subscribe to my channel and good luck with your hair!!?

  2. Rajesh Purohit says:

    Looks Great Dr Vereker.I stay at Thane but will be shifting in first week
    of May to Gujarat(due to job transfer(.Do I need to visit continouly for 6
    days or just visit in gaps and can continue treatment at home.Plz advise?

  3. Saurabh Sinha says:

    i pour wine on my head and massage it deeply and results are amazing wine
    really works and drink half cup onion juice hair start growing no need of

  4. Ronan Nakarmi says:

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  5. 123kkhan123 says:

    is there any reason why the patient did notcontinue treatment? such as side

  6. guyclark1958 says:

    the old (snake) oil baldness cure. don’t fall for it

  7. AJSwisgirl says:

    Actually it was 1.5 cm growth.

  8. Prakash Vereker says:

    @123kkhan123 no. no. there is absolutely no side effects. the patient left
    the job for personal reason and did not come back to me again. still

  9. caron webb says:

    That looked like 1 centimeter to me !

  10. Prakash Vereker says:

    @ScoutWanderer dear, I need more patients to experiment on. till then the
    name and preparatory procedure is kept secret.

  11. chirag agrawal says:

    it’s very good oil bcz i use this n under 40 days i was get 80% result u
    can cl also my number is 9827815190

  12. patient108 says:

    The growth looks very full!

  13. Harshal Naik says:

    @celpabedn – u r right

  14. Prakash Vereker says:

    @patient108 yes it is almost complete. now it will keep on growing even if
    patient does not take treatment.

  15. Victor Bearenjer says:


  16. Rahul Brahmin says:

    i am indian and i know yoru desperate.. But this indian doctor is conning
    you.. nothing can regrow hair … like that .. so please chill ! Dont be
    conned and then blame all indians …

  17. sandeep yogi says:

    yes i mean it. i know the bad fat is the reason that stopping 6 pack coming
    outside even we work out well. And The surprising part is my friend who is
    not doing much excercises, maintaining his six pack with this secret food
    items. you can see it here

  18. Prakash Vereker says:

    @gohan2091 it is very strange but in last so many years of my practice i am
    yet to find a patient who completed the treatment for baldness. this
    particular patient was given treatment almost free so i get complete video
    coverage. but now he too is gone.

  19. Sunfadedlovejaded says:

    bald females are sexy

  20. officersnout says:

    Lol.! what a load of shite…

  21. Dharmendra Bharti says:

    Plant name?

  22. Freespeech1776 says:

    Do not bother, just another scam. If it were real, the man would be a
    millionaire. Do not fall for it, even with his spin.

  23. Any updates? It’s May now, and that video is February

  24. sumeet gupta says:

    this is awesome…i am interesting in having this oil….please let me know
    ur e mail id for the correspondance

  25. sumeet gupta says:

    if u got the email id and if the therapy works for ur hair…

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