Week 20 Post Op Surgery Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery VSG – Hair Loss

Week 20 Post Op Surgery Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery VSG - Hair Loss


  1. gaye hampton says:

    please get the vitamin Biton 10000mg take them everday ur hair will be ok
    and try Wen shampoo it is so gentle for our hair esp now that we wash our
    hair everyday hope it wil be ok ?

  2. Brenda Asbury says:

    I haven’t experienced that yet but I’m only a month out. I hope it stops

  3. Leah's VSG Journey says:

    Thanks for the tips =) Congrats on your new sleeve….I sure love mine =)

  4. vsgtanya2011 says:

    Yeah, the hair loss was really disturbing for me and I completely agree. No
    matter what size I was, I always felt secure that my hair looked good. When
    it started fall out like that, it really freaked me out. I know when I was
    where you are, I just wanted to know that it would come back and it
    definitely will. I know it’s really tough when you’re going through it, but
    it will get better, I promise!!

  5. VSGHeartOnMySleeve says:

    I promise that it doesn’t look that bad to people who don’t know it as well
    as you do. 🙂 Thanks for the honesty. I’ve mentioned before my NUT said the
    hair loss is 3-6 months out from surgery and then it starts regrowing.

  6. snowywhite79 says:

    I’m 7 months and still losing it like crazy…I have no answers, if you get
    any please share!

  7. Anthony Henriquez says:

    If you lose your hair I’m not getting this surgery done

  8. Im a hairstylist and vsg post op 2 weeks…..i have thick hair also and
    wondering how my body will react ti this and how much hair I will
    lose…..the professional side of me feels that you should continue wearing
    your hair the way you usually do till there is a substantial amount of new
    growth and the hair loss is about over…off set the thinning top with
    acessories or different styling methods..maybe a little backcombing/teasing
    in the crown….after the new growth is long enough you cut it

  9. Leah's VSG Journey says:

    Tanya I have watched practically all of your videos (ewwww, that sounded
    like I am a stalker), and I do recall your hair loss ordeal. Was hoping I
    would be one of the lucky one’s that didn’t have this problem. It seems
    like I am losing large amounts of hair at a time…I mean seriously…the
    strands and clumps look as though they come straight out of my scalp???
    Ugh, don’t even want to look in the drain =( Will check out the XFusion
    product, thank you =)

  10. vsgtanya2011 says:

    I talked about hair loss a lot in my videos starting with about week 12. I
    always took my vitamins and got in my protein and it made no difference. I
    lost hair until about 10 months out. I cut it shorter and that helped. It
    does come back. At about a year out I had a lot of new growth. A few weeks
    ago, on the Back To Basics channel, I showed a product I use to make my
    hair look thicker on top called XFusion.

  11. Leah's VSG Journey says:

    As I said in my video, my loss started around 4 months post-op. But I have
    also heard many people say this was not a problem for them. Easy come, easy
    go =)

  12. Lisa Marie says:

    I think your hair looks great. Being able to put it up this summer will be
    great. It may seem thin to you, but it’s probably normal to the rest of us.

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