Alopecia Areata – My Hair Loss Journey (with pictures) 2013

Alopecia Areata - My Hair Loss Journey (with pictures) 2013


  1. Thank you for this.?

  2. Belinda Sunkwa says:

    i had dis for two years nothing grew bck… so in the second year i felt i
    needed to try out sumthin traditional or organic.. so i tried using onions
    and coconut oil…within a week i started seeing results and now my hair
    is fully grown with no patches at all?

  3. Kenyetta Reid says:

    Its soo crazy that I came across this video when I have a dermatologist
    appointment tomorrow. Last time I was there I got tested for alopecia
    because I had been experiencing hair loss like yours since I was in high
    school (i’m 28 now) but was never tested (find out tomorrow). Most of the
    time when I found a spot in my hair it would already be growing back so I
    was never too worried about it. I do get the steroid shots, not sure whats
    in them, but they help with the inflammation beneath my scalp so that my
    hair can grow back faster. Good luck with your hair journey. I loved your
    video because I always tell myself “Yetta, its just hair” lol?

  4. Allison Gould says:

    I too am a Christian and believe of demonic infiltration. I know for a
    fact God can heal your body through prayer. In addition what you eat and
    put in your body makes a difference. Phase 1 program for all of those who
    would like to cleanse your temple and develop a new way of eating. Also,
    Acient hair growth oil can cure your alopecia. Check out the videos here
    on youtube. It is %100 organic and very very affordable. All the best to
    all of you sisters here who suffer with this. But, remember Christ said
    your body is your temple. He knew the dangers that would be coming for us.
    Treat your body right and it will be good to you for many many years. God

  5. Moranda Rivers says:

    Hey thanks for the info ! Did u use that product or you just promote it ?
    @tiff ?

  6. kgilliam19 says:

    Hi Jass. I was told I have a different form of alopecia. I will be going to
    get a 2nd opinion to be sure but wanted to ask if you think these methods
    would work for me also? Thanks for sharing all your videos. It gives me
    hope that my hair could grow back. It’s a little depressing but I believe
    through faith prayer and taking care of my body I will be healed. Just
    wanted to know your thoughts. Any feedback you could give me I’d greatly
    appreciate. Peace and Blessings?

  7. Natasha Foley says:

    I’ve had Alopecia for about 10 years now. I’m 17.
    I don’t wear weave or braids at all and take very good care of my hair.
    I can’t ever wear my hair up or to the side because of severe patches
    around my entire head on the sides.
    It’s really rough going through this.
    But it’s hereditary. :/?

  8. Melissa Cole says:

    I have the same thing but all mine came out
    I’m only 11 and it happend when I was 2
    I know what it’s like?????

  9. yolanda walker says:

    Question. When it started was it tender and sore before it came out??

  10. Eve Barrett says:

    You possibly can re-grow your own hair in a natural way within 6 months,
    without waste a lot of money for surgery & costly treatment?

  11. Minette Golden says:

    you are such a lovely attractive woman, smart and beautiful. you look
    gorgeous hair or not!?

  12. Sherma Edmunds says:

    Oh my. I just looked at this video to its entirety. I feel horrible for.
    God bless you my love. Joy cometh in the morning troubles they don’t last
    always. Keep your high spirit.?

  13. Jaynita Coleman says:

    Damn your lips are big and that G-A-P… WOW?

  14. Michael G says:

    Hi I just wanted to know how you get the onion smell out of ur hair

  15. Aerkkyah Pittman says:

    The littlest things irritate my scalp and so from scratching my scalp there
    were sores and I created bald spots. I hear red onion and garlic works.
    I’ve been using hairfinity and it grew all back but I stopped b/c I didn’t
    want my to get immune and it stop working so I started using monistat and
    it grew three inches in one month.?

  16. It's Life 101 says:

    Well I did a lot of research on alopecia it’s caused by stress and it’s the
    white blood cells them damn white blood cells! When you are overly stressed
    the cells attack the hair follicles. It’s a self attack self thing like
    diabetes MS and that stuff. Let’s be lucky it’s not life threating!!!! I’m
    gonna make a video bout it check it out ?????

  17. Luz Fania says:

    This video made me cry. I’m suffering from alopecia for a few months now
    and I don’t know what to do. ?

  18. Edward1975 says:

    Hi, I know this may sound different and a little strange, but sometimes
    it’s good to look at things not from the natural eye, but from a spiritual
    perspective…If you are a Christian, you understand that a lot of problems
    that occurs with our bodies in general are due to demonic infiltration!
    The Word Of God says that all things are possible through FAITH in Christ
    Jesus, and that all we need to do is just simply ask and we shall receive
    and that is how I’m going to handle my Alopecia problem, and to God (Christ
    Jesus) be the glory that I have been cured and so can you all!! God bless!?

  19. Moranda Rivers says:

    Hey! I was told i have alopecia like two years ago i went to the hair club
    for a consultation. But when i look at videos of ppl with it my hair isnt
    the same. I dont have bald spots its just thin really bad in the front you
    can see most my scalp! I’ve always had thin fine curly hair but never like
    this i cant even wear my hair. Idk what to do ?

  20. Shirley Saxton says:

    Hello, I too have alopecia. Have have known from my doctor for about 18
    years. It’s very hard too lose your hair. I always had thick bra length
    hair. Now I have too wear wigs because now mines is so bad I can’t cover
    bald spots anymore. I can be very depressing too a woman too lose her crown
    and glory. But I pray that God heal all who surfer if this illness. Too all
    the ladies stay strong and May God us all. Have a blessed and wonderful

  21. AboveBlessed says:

    I currently have Alopecia, and it has been so hard. I talked about it
    briefly on my channel. I’m taken treatment now so I’m hopefully, but it a
    little depressed.?

  22. Huslu Gilhooley says:

    You can regrow your thinning hair or heal your hair loss totally by prevent
    the creation of DHT (the hormone which cause hairloss)?

  23. you’re so pretty. it looks good on you…?

  24. Thaiwaiian Valid says:

    Hey I have Alopecia I got alopecia last year and my hair was down to my
    butt ! and I been trying Fusion health hair tonic and i know 2 people that
    used it and there hair is long now! you can look it up on youtube just type
    in fusion health hair tonic and there will be videos about it and how a
    little girl name willow hair grew back! If you want to see how long my hair
    was and how I look now you can follow me on Instagram @ Valid_Thaiwaiian Or
    Facebook Shai Mele Enos ?

  25. Princess Pope says:

    You have a beautiful spirit! ?

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