Natural Skin & Hair Care : How to Reduce Hair Loss

Natural Skin & Hair Care : How to Reduce Hair Loss


  1. Hadya Mcardle says:

    You could re-grow your thinning hair or heal your baldness totally by stop
    the creation of DHT (the hormone that cause hair loss)?

  2. Sunya Clark says:

    leave on for 30 min?

  3. haircaretips says:

    Nice tips. it works. What was that sound at 2.03??

  4. Fahmida Rina says:

    Daily how many times do we apply it? ?

  5. Aqsa Rao says:

    For how long we have to leave it on ?

  6. Aziz ur Rehman says:

    Hi, There is a herbal oil bottle that has mixture of all oils (50 plus )
    those are well known & famous for hair care & hair loss all over the World
    in all societies, it costs $30 comes with 60 days moneyback guarantee, it
    can be searched on Ebay under AL- Shaafi Herbal oil … GOOD LUCK ?

  7. Mohaimenul Razib says:

    can it apply on men?

  8. vinai chenubaala says:


  9. Fahmida Rina says:

    Thanks for the nice tip! 🙂 ?

  10. ambreen kanwal says:

    Hi every one if you want to controll hair fall just use black cumin grind
    it and add that powder black cumin in olive oil leave half an hour . Then
    use on your hair .wash hairs after 1 hour. You will see the change after
    one wash. You will always remember me.?

  11. Sabrina Herbert says:

    Best video!!?

  12. Delila Fullbright says:

    As expert, I’m sure Zunhairex Secrets is good way to cures your hair loss
    and regrow it safely. Why don’t you give it a shot? maybe it is going to
    work for you too.?

  13. Nikkiis SP says:

    bandar nahe toh

  14. Ciullah says:

    same happens with me. i tried this mixture, i been usin it for about 3
    months and it didnt help me at all.. i lose as much of hair as i been losin

  15. anderson rodriguez says:

    i hope this work

  16. Pot Nimol says:

    How to use it and how to wash ot after do it ?

  17. PricelessNIK says:

    I guess u shud leave it on for an hour or so (also put a shower cap) and
    then wash it with shampoo.. It’s better to use cold water

  18. samachi says:

    can I use the whole egg including the egg white? THX

  19. Jmadden1425 says:


  20. Woofspl says:

    iHerb discount code SEP790

  21. Pot Nimol says:

    How to use it

  22. andro boy says:

    will it make hair denser?

  23. Biake22 says:


  24. Ahmadzia germany says:

    i m losing my hair

  25. daygo sunny says:

    What? What is this the da vinci code? Does a guy have to figure out your
    encrypted message before he gets pussy.

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