My Hairloss Update & My Extensions

My Hairloss Update & My Extensions


  1. danielabbh says:

    I’m your age and I started losing my hair with my first son’s birth (he’s 9
    now)… it got worse with my 2nd baby (he’s 3) and this August I got the
    flu and almost went bald. I tried everything from Nioxin, to pills, to
    Biotin (which I still take btw)… My friend had post partum telogen
    effluvium and she recommended what worked for her… I decided to try after
    seeing her little baby hairs poking out like crazy lol… I always heard of
    contraceptive pills in the shampoo but refused to believe it… my friend
    recommended a contraceptive inyectable IN THE SHAMPOO. It’s estradiol +
    algestone (I think perlutal is the name in the US) but I buy it as Perludil
    in Mexico… 2 ampules in 8oz of any shampoo…lasts me around 6 weeks…
    I have been using it daily or every other day for 3 months (consulted my
    doctor previously) and my hair has regrowth, it stopped falling out during
    the first month and I have crazy baby hairs all around my head lol… I
    feel like I have a mohawk of new hair … my middle part was seriously
    white, and now it has closed… I used hair fibers to cover up and
    extensiones to help me cope with the situation but now can say that my hair
    is back… since there are trace amounts of hormones absorbed through the
    skin, I experienced that I had no more severe irritability during my PMS, a
    little bit more breast tenderness right before my period, and my doc said
    it was normal but it was ok since it was a controlled small dosage … but
    men shouldn’t use it since causes gynecomastia (their boobs grow, basically
    🙁 .. As I said, I didn’t believe it at first, then I got scared but I read
    a lot and the components are being tested and used topically for acne and
    hair loss as well in clinical trials and stuff. ?

  2. RawBeautyKristi says:

    Honestly marlena, I want you to know and seriously realize how much you
    have helped me with this. I lost 60-70% of my hair about 6 months ago.. I
    don’t know what happened but it has been the most gutting experience I’ve
    had as an adult. I never realized how much I took comfort in having a full
    head of hair. Not only is my hair thin, but very VERY fragile and will just
    tear apart in my hands. There were a few factors in my life I may be able
    to pin point (weight loss, my gallbladder surgery, stress and malnutrition
    because of a faulty gallbladder) but all blood work is normal and the only
    solution my doctors will give is to prescribe me rogaine. I am 26 years old
    and absolutely not ready for this. Because of you, I have found more
    confidence in my appearance via tape hair extensions. I was always using
    the clip ins and even they were shredding my wispy hair. I cannot thank you
    enough Marlena. I made a video about my hair loss a few months back, and
    should do an update soon. I haven’t seen much of a change at all. Basically
    I feel like I want to count every hair shed, I am paranoid. My hair now
    looks “great” as everyone says, I almost feel guilty saying “thank you”
    because they have no clue that it’s 70% not mine. But the tape extensions
    have been a godsend and I have hardly any damage from them at all. I can
    honestly say I love you and your honesty. Plus, if you couldn’t be great
    enough, your makeup line is perfect and affordable which is doubly amazing
    for us new rising “beauty youtubers”. Thank you so much for this. You are
    awesome! ?

  3. Makeup Geek says:
  4. junbug1029 says:

    Marlena, if you haven’t already, completely eliminate grains, especially
    wheat!, from your diet. Wheat can cause leaky gut syndrome and a host of
    other health problems. Please read ‘Wheat Belly’ by William Davis, MD and
    ‘Grain Brain’ by David Perlmutter, MD. It’s pretty scary stuff.?

  5. MsBlankie67 says:

    Like I always said you’re so special to me, and you give me hope when I was
    in the hospital (cancer) I will always watch your video around 3:00 am in
    the ICU by my self you’re my inspiration .


  6. nikkib1002 says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your health issues! You will be in my prayers. I
    have been diagnosed with IBS, gastritis and esophagitis! Lol! Lucky me huh!
    But I have been feeling better. Have you seen a GI doctor? I had to have an
    endoscopy and colonoscopy :/ . That was not fun. But wishing you many
    blessing and get well soon. ?

  7. scrapstress says:

    Did they check for lupus or other autoimmune diseases? ?

  8. Chassis Luther says:

    I’d be careful with those kind of doctors. They tried telling my mom that
    she had leaky gut and put her on a Bunche stuff that just made her worse.
    Mayo clinic said it was probably the best thing she could do is stop going
    to them and she has been so much better since. ?

  9. Elizabeth Diaz says:

    So glad u posted this. I have the same problem. I no longer want to part my
    hair since it’s so thin on top. Are u able to use clip ins on top of your
    hair? ?

  10. Nicole Guillaume says:

    Sweetie, have you ever stopped to think that maybe all of the make up
    products that you use can be the culprit? Lots of make ups have harsh
    chemicals and products in them….even the so-called all natural ones. It
    could very much be the things that are on your skin that are making you
    sick and causing your symptoms. This website has a database of the toxicity
    levels of make up, skin care products and more.

  11. IrishMammy says:

    Its not any easier to lose your hair in your 40s or 50s! You’re implying
    that because we’re middle-aged our looks matter less than yours! And you
    look like you’re in your. 40s. ?

  12. Keri Klein says:

    So then your follicles are still “alive?” Been there. Know your panic.
    Please try Wen. I did and dropped to my knees when I realized that I had
    brand new growth over my entire head. For me, SLS’s are my Achilles heel.
    Might be worth a shot though? It was a “last ditch” effort for me–now it’s
    the only thing that touches my head.
    Thank you for your shadows!!! Slowly building my collection, and Shimma
    Shimma is permanently in my routine. ?

  13. I call BS on your “leaky gut” diagnosis. If there were actually holes in
    your intestine your bowel contents would leak into your abdominal cavity
    causing a lot more than belly pain and baldness, try sepsis which can lead
    to DEATH. Sepsis is treated with antibiotics. You are clearly not dead, and
    biotin & fish oil don’t cure sepsis. I call BS. Not that you are BSing, but
    someone is giving you a crap diagnosis because they can’t figure it out.
    Good luck.?

  14. Alena Allex says:

    I wish your hair grow soon and be more beautiful and thick then before!!!!!?

  15. MissCrystal says:

    Hi Marlena! I know I’ve mentioned this to you before and you said your
    tests came back ok. Hearing and reading your symptoms list, it seriously
    sounds like you have a thyroid issue and probably autoimmune thyroid.
    Please research it. You can have “normal” TSH test but most doctors except
    endocrinologist don’t know what to look for. Your thyroid can cause those
    symptoms and basically controls every aspect of your body. I’ve also had
    some of those symptoms. After months of my own research and reading books,
    I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism a few months back and I’m starting to
    feel better. Feel better soon! xo?

  16. HollyGoLightlyxox says:

    you are an inspiration! thank you for sharing your story?

  17. Ali Bee's Bake Shop says:

    So sorry to hear about your loss because it is so personal. My mother is
    55 and has been battling hair loss for decades. She too took a lot of
    antibiotics as a child, one round actually damaged and discolored her
    teeth. I really hope things start to turn around for you and if something
    seems to start working to bring your hair back let us know. My mom would
    thank you. ?

  18. Jason O'Connell says:

    I had no idea about your issue, Marlena. It must be difficult to cope
    with…and all of this was caused from anti-biotics as a child? Why did you
    need to take so many??

  19. Nikki Hona says:

    Love you Marlena!!!?

  20. geekNchic says:

    Thank you SO much for sharing your intimate story, I can understand your
    situation so well, Marlena! Be strong, you are gorgeous and inspirational
    to a lot of us :)?

  21. Dear Marlena, I found out your beautiful channel very lately and I like
    your posts, they’re very helpful & informative. but I have a question to
    you & I hope you would answer me back please. What do you think, very short
    hair cut would help the problem ?? even though I like long hair. Thanks & I
    wish all the best for you. Merry Christmas & Very Happy New Year !!?

  22. Elle Is For Living says:

    Marlena – I don’t think this is easy to go through no matter what your age.
    For women, our hair is our glory. I appreciate your sharing your story.
    BTW, if you hadn’t shared, I never would have known. I have always
    thought ‘wow, her hair is gorgeous’. xoxo Elle?

  23. You are adorable Marlena. We all lose hair from time to time and I would
    like to know all the things you did to help with the hair loss. ?

  24. So glad you could find some answers to your health issues. Hoping you get
    better and better from here on out :-). Great video Marlena!!?

  25. Cat Kong Dogzilla says:

    It is so refreshing discuss natural and holistic solutions to health
    issues. We live in a very over medicated society. Prescription medication
    is not always the answer, and many times, end up causing more problems.
    Granted, there are situations when being treated by a doctor, and taking
    prescribed medication is absolutely necessary. But, going natural when you
    can, and living a healthy lifestyle, can do wonders for the body. Love
    your channel Marlena! :-)?

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