Hairfinity & My “Secret” Hair Growth Aids | “Hair Loss in Women” 2014

Hairfinity & My


  1. marquita83 says:

    cool vid i love JBCO great products!?

  2. Diane Nyero says:

    I am sure you will have some beautiful hair growth. I wish you the very
    best with your journey and am looking very excited to see your next hair
    progress video. Very big inspiration for many of us on youtube.?

  3. gabriell thomas says:

    Hey girl what’s the address to send things πŸ™‚ or P.O. box ?

  4. Tanya Frizzell says:

    Just stating the facts πŸ™‚ Your hair journey is coming along nicely and I
    appreciate your advice on natural hair growth. I started my natural journey
    two years ago and its slow going, but your informative videos do help
    inspire me. Keep up the good work!! Peace xxx?

  5. TheChocBeauty says:

    You are such an inspiration to me. My hair is thinning due to menopause and
    the doctors say nothing can be done. I am gong to try biotin and b12
    regardless. I may also try hairfinity if there’s no improvement in 6
    months. Thanks for the information. ?

  6. Moranda Rivers says:

    Yea I actually see my hair follicles growing back in where i loss hair in
    the front but its a slow process but before it was none there or just so
    fine i couldn’t see them. So yea (: ?

  7. kinky grace says:

    Girl u r looking great !!!!?

  8. AboveBlessed says:

    I just started take this them about two week ago. I hope they work. Thanks
    for sharing.?

  9. jay mee says:

    lol @ :47 i want to try hairinfinity, let me know if it works. that water
    mus be working cuz ur skin look amazing!?

  10. Paula Bonsu says:

    Great regimen! Keep up the great work! ?

  11. All about hair says:

    I think I’m going try those pills to help with my hair growth ?

  12. miminatural911 says:

    Good video Jass!?

  13. Tanya Frizzell says:

    you remind me soooo much of the FABuLous Erykah Badu :)?

  14. Moranda Rivers says:

    I got mine two bottles as well! And i take biotin makes my scalp itch. But
    i dont think im drinking enough water ?

  15. Lydia Rahming says:

    You look pretty all gussied up :-)?

  16. Cynthia Jackson says:

    I wish you much success on your hair journey. Thanks for sharing! ?

  17. Eboni Shani says:

    I need to get some of the protein I have a soy allergy and most protein
    mixes have soy in them.?

  18. ChezMonet says:

    I am seeing hairfinity everywhere and getting curious. Let me know or if
    you can do a review of the results you get after a month if any. ?

  19. TractionAlopecia says:

    Are the pills safe any side effects?

  20. NaturallyNajwa says:

    LOLOL! I so <3 you and yes you got it right the second time around BIG

  21. You look nice!!
    I remember a while back a subscriber of yours commented on sending you some
    hairfinity and i replied awe!! πŸ˜€
    Good luck, i’m on it too! can’t wait till march to take out my senegalese
    twists!! Well, you’re doing better than me, i’m on 1.5 liters a day of
    water harhar! πŸ˜‰ Tea tree oil is awesome ;)?

  22. MsUniquelyDesigned says:

    Thanks for sharing?

  23. MyNaturalMyChoice says:

    Hey Jess! first I want to say you look sooo beautiful! You have so great
    products! Love your oil mixture. Looking forward to your update videos!
    Happy hair growing! God bless you!?

  24. IAmRallyGirl says:

    I can’t wait to see your results! Your hair mixtures and potions are yummy
    and luxurious; now I want to go rub some in mine. lol ?

  25. kallie02301 says:

    So glad you posted this. I have alopecia and have been taking Hairfinity
    for almost two weeks. I hope this helps US?

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