How to deal with Male Pattern Baldness, Hair Loss, and Women

How to deal with Male Pattern Baldness, Hair Loss, and Women


  1. Bonto Max says:

    I enjoyed your video and appreciate all the positive advice; but I just
    wanted to share my thoughts in this overlong comment and see what kind of
    response it gets…

    Baldness still feels like an affliction for which I have to battle to
    compensate by cultivating other aspects of my identity. Men with hair don’t
    have to worry about building mindsets of positive thinking in order to
    become so enlightened that they transcend concerns of physical appearance.
    Men with hair don’t have to get ripped in the gym and become a totem of raw
    masculinity in order to get a girlfriend.

    In the media, baldness is portrayed as the opposite of ‘cool’ and ‘sexy’.
    This, in turn, affects how girls perceive me, how men treat me, how
    employers regard me, how strangers react to me. There is a stigma and I’m
    conscious of the difference it has made to me every day. I’m conscious of
    the difference it makes if I walk down the street wearing a hat.

    There are, of course, worse problems than being less attractive and I dare
    not claim to ‘suffer’. But still, the sense of how my prospects are
    diminished by baldness is hard to ignore. The aching sense of all that I
    have missed out on because of the disadvantage of baldness is a personal
    tragedy. The sense that I can only ever be a compromised, disfigured
    version of myself is hard to accept.

    I don’t measure the quality of my life by whether one woman would consider
    me a ‘good provider’ or an ‘honourable father’. I measure the quality of my
    life by the emotionally enriching experiences of intimacy and joy with
    affectionate girls (And I don’t just mean one-night-stands). If that makes
    me shallow, then a puddle I must be.

    Continual protestations about how girls don’t care about appearance are
    hard to swallow when I see little evidence of such a claim. Girls seem to
    care a great deal about image; and their perception a man’s character and
    status are enormously informed by his appearance or, indeed, how his peers
    regard him.
    I’ve discussed the issue with women. Most would deny that it’s a big deal
    and yet when asked if they have ever been attracted to a bald man, most say

    As you can tell, I’m still struggling to come to terms with my hair loss. I
    started thinning in my teens and now, in my thirties, I’m still at a stage
    of anger and sensitivity about it. It still requires of me considerable
    will power to walk around in the world as a ‘baldie’/‘slaphead’. I can’t
    admit to such things, of course, since it would only be regarded as vein,
    shallow and weak. So, as always, it’s best to bottle-up, repress, deny,
    In the great swirling horror of a competitive and pitiless world…

    Mega-lols :/?

  2. Adam Berk says:

    Yo Lennon, you realize you have a bunch of fake accounts who work for a
    hair loss company in the comments right?

  3. Adam Berk says:

    Good talk on the subject. I just shaved my head for the first time two days
    ago and am building up a neuro network to deal with my new look lol. I
    think the best thing to do is buzz is all off…when the time is right of
    course. Dont wait too long, and you dont have to jump the gun either. It
    can be a long process dealing with this kind of thing, lots of hat wearing
    etc, but over time you do accept it, and move on with you life. Its a big
    waste of precious time and energy worrying about your hair. Having said
    that, for some, most even, it can be a tough mental battle.?

  4. Mark Brunskill says:

    If I looked like you I wouldn’t worry about being bald. Unfortunately I
    look like me?

  5. karen walsh says:

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  6. John Piccard says:

    The question you asked women whether they would choose an honorable,
    loving, respecting, protecting a good father to kids type of a husband
    who’s bald vs a man with the opposite traits who has hair they will say
    simply say in their mind “a man with hair whos loving respecting honorable
    etc etc.. Sometimes I wonder if this is God’s way of punishing us for some
    sins here on earth. All of what you said sounds nice and is the way it
    should be but the real world is not so pretty. ?

  7. Xi Chiang says:

    Nice video. You make some very valid arguments and your wise.
    I was going to take the route of shaving my head but in a last min
    desperation to save the hairs on my head I scoured the internet until I
    found Haircubed. I like their products. I like the simplicity and the
    results I am already seeing after two months. Whether you choose to embrace
    baldness or not, it’s nice to see there are products that work and aren’t a
    complete ripoff like most of them are. ?

  8. Patrice Berthomieux says:

    i feel u but sum people look good bold..and sum dont..?

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  10. A lot of wisdom here..good on you Lenon.?

  11. TherealdealDloBrown says:

    Is it just me or does he remind you of the rock??

  12. is this a keegan michael key character??

  13. reanita mcmillen says:

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  14. Aye bro do you have a email ?

  15. joseph armengol saldes says:

    male baldness is just human evolution…hair in the head is like make up in
    girls…its only a complement…?

  16. Debbie R says:

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  17. Bettina Greenblatt says:

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  18. Jc NatureMade says:

    how the heck to get your self esteem up when going bald at a young age?

  19. Some ppl look horrible bald

  20. bluejetty01 says:

    Its a good test of your confidence

  21. DEADBUTDREAMING1973 says:

    I used Vera Peiffer in the UK. Changed my diet and had my mercury fillings
    replaced and my hair is returning 🙂 Me personally I like having my hair
    but its not the end of the world. Lenon is right, you have to put it in

  22. MegaMrPunch says:

    Amazing video Lenon. This is definitely very contrarian to the viewpoints
    of society. Not only are men encouraged to groom themselves under the new
    concept of “metrosexuality”, women are lead to believe that this is what
    they want.

  23. Joseph Estrada-Roberts says:

    Thank you very much. I’ve been struggling with a misconception that I need
    money and nice close to attract a women, but if that’s the core attraction
    I shouldn’t even concern myself with whether or not she finds me attractive.

  24. Gary Tracy says:

    Without a doubt Lenon, I’d pick the honorable woman. I can’t deal with
    degenerate females, period. Give me the (over weight in America’s eyes)
    good mother/wife any day of the week over the good looking degenerate female

  25. ishaan719 says:

    Lenon, this is an awesome video. Thank you for your wisdom, this is very
    helpful with those struggling with hair loss. I do not have to much hair on
    the top of my head so i buzz it, best decision. In the begginning you say
    to yourself why me? but realize its life and there are more important
    things like you mentioned. Media will always try to influence us one way or
    another, best thing to do is just be your own and stand out, people will
    love you for that.

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