Geico Commercial – Parker Solution to Hair Loss

Geico Commercial - Parker Solution to Hair Loss


  1. abobjenkins says:

    @bmwolgas it’s just you

  2. Jade Sands says:

    No lie when I first saw this I thought it was real XD

  3. VitaMiaist says:

    @CherLou Glad it worked for you too.. I also followed that hair loss
    program and its perfect! Thanks for suggesting me that works for me.. My
    hair is now voluminous and shiny.. If Im not mistaken, you just mispelled
    the site name.. It should be HairLoss101. net (no space)

  4. deadgirlwalking says:

    i love these

  5. scorpy56 says:

    this is an old comercial havent seen this 1 ina while

  6. sageofsuccess says:

    This is one of the funniest commercials ever. Geico makes a lot of funny

  7. Manny Feliciano says:

    @bunnialchemistmeep actually,i think the funniest one has to be the soap
    opera one.That one is hilarious !! but this one is hilarious too.Love it 🙂

  8. Stingboy316 says:

    “I would always wear a hat. Even in the pool” hahaha

  9. shadyparadox says:

    That one with the reality show (Geico Tiny) got me too, though. You never
    know when it comes to crazy ideas for reality shows.

  10. MoPar7055 says:

    oh golly gee that is funny. But sure would be swell if there really was a
    parker solution to hair loss

  11. abobjenkins says:

    Ha!! My hair goes with me when I run, too!!!

  12. shadyparadox says:

    “The Parker solution to hair loss?” “No.” That’s the line that surprised
    the hell out of me.

  13. Giancarlo Carini says:

    btw, thanks for posting this. I haven’t seen this on TV lately…

  14. TheAudioISDope says:

    I remember the first time i saw this commercial, i was so fucking convinced
    it was a hair commercial Lmaoooo

  15. Pinkicing9646 says:

    that guy was on drake and josh

  16. haha… the first time i saw this i actually believed it. all the others i
    saw coming a mile away, but this one got me.

  17. ugottaluvhim says:

    my hair goes with me when i run lol! classic

  18. Haha, ‘I don’t know, it just always feels like I’m just acin’… the guy.’

  19. Amanda Palczynski says:

    Funniest flippin commercial ever. “…the hair goes with me when I run…”
    I REALLY thought this was a hair loss commercial when I first saw it. Oh
    this is gold. Now clicking “Add to Favorites”

  20. GiantDousch says:

    this was the only geico commercial that i thought was real

  21. lilbuster113 says:


  22. Timothy Bui says:

    That’s happier than a Parker Solution to Hair Loss.

  23. tamshac77 says:

    This was one of the first Geico commercials that really fooled me. I had to
    laugh at the end because it had me going. I did however start getting
    suspicious when the last man said that his tennis game had improved after
    he grew hair.

  24. bmwolgas says:

    Is it just me, or does the guy playing tennis look like Ken Jennings?

  25. Southernmiss17 says:

    hahaha! this one is my favorite commerical by geico!

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