Dr. Neda: Nioxin Product Review for Thinning Hair or Hair Loss Part 1

Dr. Neda: Nioxin Product Review for Thinning Hair or Hair Loss Part 1


  1. Adrian Aghaie says:

    One fault.
    50-120 hairs a day is the normal range πŸ™‚ just saying.?

  2. Adrian Aghaie says:

    Not sure, but if I were to go bald, theoretically dr…what would my
    chances of a date with you be? LOL jk, good review.?

  3. S Loughery says:

    This all sounds good, but I followed the #2 3 step method of nioxin for 3
    months. I experienced continued to have hair loss. I can tell you. It
    does not work. However, the ONE good thing about it you can get a full

  4. Chris parks says:

    Just starting for the first time hope it works ?

  5. mike heff says:

    I am not sure what I would need. I have started to go thinner on the front
    and top of my head…. I would like to try this product but do not know
    what I would need or what number on the front nioxin I guess…?

  6. Are you still using this product? I heard ingredients in this product will
    lead to cancer. Have you heard of this before??

  7. ShahramAx says:

    chehtori neda joon

  8. sarah jones says:

    I have been using this product for 3months now, but I dont understand
    because every time I use this product I have lots of hair loss? Is there
    anyone one can explain to me pls? Is this product really work even though
    it contain sulfate? I have a wavy hair and I feel like its getting worse
    after using this.

  9. stephanievalderrama says:

    how long did it take before your hair got thicker? I have all the reasons
    to get hair loss, genetically, i have anemia & my mom has thyroid and I
    think i have it too, I also have malnutrition i know & have oily scalp. =(

  10. Fartpooswees says:

    @khilo1000 Folic Acid is good for making new red blood cells

  11. Missditabomb says:

    Nioxin contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfate which is terrible for hair growth &
    does not contain Ketoconazole which is. Do not buy this shampoo. I used it
    for several months before I discovered through research, (and my own
    results!) that it is USELESS. Try Revita. It is rated #1 by the experts. It
    has everything you need. Also, Nizoral is good, as is tried & true Head &
    Shoulders. The last 2 are rated #3 & #5 on the list! This is great as there
    is something for all budgets. Good Luck.

  12. Hi Dr. Neda, Nioxin claims that it can remove follicle-clogging sebum and
    fatty acids to create a healthier hair. But my concern is that isn’t
    “sebum” healthy for your hair? Sebum is a lubricant mixture of oily
    substances and fragmented cells that keeps the skin soft and moist and
    prevents the hair from becoming brittle. If Nioxin removes that substance
    than how is that healthy for our hair? Please provide us with an adequate
    answer. Thanks

  13. Jeanette mcclure says:

    Great video you explain everything perfectly and get right to the point!

  14. Is it necessary to purchase all of the separate parts of the system? Or is
    just the shampoo and conditioner enough? Could someone see results with
    just the shampoo or just the conditioner? Thanks!

  15. Roxanne L Salen says:

    Hi, I’m wondering if you wash your hair everyday with this or if it’s okay
    to skip a day. I have very fine hair and I try to only wash every other day
    – but your video makes it sound like that may not be good for my scalp

  16. shikha gill says:

    love this product. using it for more than one year now. my hair grows
    faster…no more hair fall…and thicker hair. i highly recommend it. i
    actually had developed a bald patch on my crown area and it is all gone now
    and i m left with thick hair now .people often ask me how i have such thick
    voluminous hair. they dont believe me when i tell them i was suffering from
    hair loss n it is cuz of nioxin i have such thick hair now. what just a
    shampoo n cond. no way…YES..just a S&C..i use sys 4

  17. Fanny Lee says:

    I just bought Nioxin Shampoo System 1 and a Conditioner yesterday and use
    it yesterday too and I want to ask some questions is does it helps growth

  18. Marija Petranovi? says:

    LOL. normal hair loss is anywhere under 100-150,not 50 !!! if you’re making
    video about it,you’ve could at least find right data to present to people

  19. 213Chila says:

    Hello my hair is falling like CRAZY!! I have thinning hair and I wondering
    will this product regrow my hair??? Also I have extremely damaged hair will
    this product dry it more?? sorry to ask so many questions PLEASE write back
    whenever you can.. πŸ™‚ THANK YOU!!!

  20. malvina awkar says:


  21. Monterrio Elston says:

    Does this product work for males? Also…will the hair grow back in full?

  22. jack mcbay says:

    Hi, I am male and looking to buy this product, at the side of my forehead
    hair has been lost which Is annoying! Will it grow that back?

  23. Zachary Tomkoski says:


  24. LOVE4MOZ says:

    hello just came across your video and i have a question. UI have felt for
    the past 3 years that i was slowly noticing my hair becoming less and less
    dense and I used to have a bush of thick hair until 2007-2008. I have used
    different products and many didnt work due to my sensitivity of skin. Now
    being 2011 since the past year, mainly 6 months i have noticed a dramtic
    fade of color of hair at the root and feels lilike i can count every strand
    i have (metaphorically) and its beginning to freak

  25. uzmarana79 says:

    so how do we know which number means 2,3 ,4 etc should we go for ?what are
    the differences?

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