A natural way to cure baldness & hairloss – balayam

A natural way to cure baldness & hairloss - balayam


  1. Penney Albarez says:

    Is Zunhairex Secrets effective to cures your hair loss and regrow it
    safely? I have read a lot of good stuff about Zunhairex Secrets (do a
    google search).?

  2. twosure94 says:

    PROPEClA causes irreversible impotence in most men !!! Avoid that FUCKING
    DRUG at all costs !! Also don’t fall for the BULLSHIT testimonials being
    posted by Merck Employees !!! For hairloss, just shave your head .?

  3. niceleedone says:

    Does this work if there is nail polish on my nails or do they need to be
    polish free??

  4. Naveen KKR says:

    I have few things to clarify
    1) Rub clock wise or anti clockwise?
    2) Only on one hand or both hands?
    Please reply?

  5. Madhu Kalithireddy says:

    Can you please share your photos when you are at 30 years age and we are
    thankful for ur info…?

  6. balayam1 says:

    When I had started doing it, I never thought about genes theory and I am
    happy that I did not thought about gene theory. Today my hairs are so good
    that I myself look in the mirror with complete awe. Balayam can indeed
    reverse genetic pattern even and that is for sure. If you want to find a
    completely natural solution, must believe in Balayam, its incredibly
    effective, albeit slow and a long term solution for reversing baldness.

  7. balayam1 says:

    Despite very slow response, I hv practiced only balayam (nail rubbing) for
    almost 4 years now & nothing else. Today my hairs are better than the hairs
    I’d when I was 30 years old. Today my age is 49+ & I’m expecting to hv
    better hairs in another 2-3 years, purely due to nail rubbing & absolutely
    nothing else. That’s why I’m 100% sure that it works, albeit slowly.
    Balayam is not a treatment for impatient souls. Just wait for my next
    video. My regrowth is amazing to me & can b used as example.

  8. balayam1 says:

    You may rub whichever way is convenient to you. Both ways shall be useful.

  9. filhodovento20 says:

    @lokalyokal1 If you are over the age of 30, then yes, high blood pressure
    will effect Micro-capillary perfusion and you most likely have a lot of
    inflammation, which are even bigger problems than DHT. I suggest using a
    Curcumin extract, balancing your omega 3’s and 6’s, and taking certain
    anti-oxidants. Also, take 3 grams of Taurine a day; this prevents and
    treats fibrosis, which is basically the scar tissue resulting from the
    damage done by the inflammation. Fibrosis= Death of the follicles.

  10. Yash Tripathi says:

    its like yoga and yoga is a ancient technique

  11. Hi SK. I am an 18 year old male! I have MPB πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ I have a receding
    hairline and thinning hair on top and through the middle πŸ™ I’ll do
    anything to get my hair back to like it was when i was younger! If I do
    Balayam for 2 sessions a day for 10-15 minutes will this help me? Thanks!

  12. binaifer gagrat says:

    hey balayam u said that ull post ur next video in october 2012 its december
    2012 and u have still not posted any video is it because ur hair has become

  13. Prakash Purohit says:

    @balayam1 fast goest & Slow Comes please clear your sentence its fact.

  14. Shakil Arnob says:

    hi i am suffering from Androgenetic Alopecia,Does balayam works on it

  15. Galavya41 says:

    ???..In Ancient Times there were no medical achievements??? What in the
    world are you talking about sir?The Avurvedic System of Healing is more
    than five thousand years old and even today the ancient texts of Ayurveda
    are helping us where conventional medicine has given up.

  16. i think it works on stress

  17. Rahil Banerjee says:

    carry on, u will seen ur result in near future. do it more times.

  18. Jatinder singh says:

    sir don’t we use thumb in this exercise??

  19. karan631 says:

    Does anybody else feel the same tingling when drinking green tea?

  20. chirag agrawal says:

    hi sk sir yes oniyan regrow ur hair n age is not matter 4 this n when u wil
    start this widin1 month u fel that ur hair loss is,stop n end of 2 month u
    wil see ur hair line much much better n some small hair regrow on ur schlp
    n end of 3 month u wil success n get 50 /80 % hair back its,amazing so this
    is ur choice u realy want to hair if yes try for 3 month this is my advance
    reserch amazingggggggggggg try this

  21. Manoj Sharma says:

    see this will help you…. hairgyan.com

  22. robbiedaug says:

    @balayam1 PT3? When the apple cider vinegar dries, i apply fresh aloe vera
    juice to my scalp and hair and let THAT dry. I leave that in my hair – i
    don’t wash it out. I, now, wash my hair with natural shampoos and with cool
    water and let it dry naturally. I use a pick comb to comb my hair – no more
    hair brushes. I do 10-15 minute head-stands, too, every morning. I am a
    vegan and i don’t smoke or drink. Ok, i smoke pot but no tobacco. I sleep
    in total darkness. I will restart balayam.

  23. K4MR4N1UK123 says:

    Why dont you flipping try it …it aint gona cost you any thing

  24. MdPr1979 says:

    I think Balayam alone with not gaurantee success in every case. It has to
    be done along with a routine as explained in this blog. Pls check this. I
    think it should be helpful and address your problem. I have recently
    started with this.
    Good Luck!!

  25. Sol Gatuno says:

    That’s why I am bald, I was rubbing my penis instead of my nails oooooohhh
    what an idiot I am!

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