HIS Hair Clinic – Twins Steve & Shane’s Hair Loss Story (Complete)

HIS Hair Clinic - Twins Steve & Shane's Hair Loss Story (Complete)


  1. max castellanos says:

    It’s not hair if that’s what you think . Its meant to emulate a shaved head

  2. AsurasWrath says:

    going bald is the worst nightmare a man can have. remember when we were
    young and full head of hairs lol. growing up and old getting bald suck in
    my opinion. back when i was still in high school, i have full head of hair
    combing hair hairs stylish and handsomely, now i am just 27, i already
    start thinning hairs, suck, i might do this soon by next year cause i think
    i will go bald before i turn 30.

  3. ashifperwaiz8 says:

    who done your work???

  4. mirrorneta says:

    Not convinced they look like they have just had they hair cut right back

  5. GamersSwagger says:

    My question is to people who have had this done, what do women think? some
    reason i think if you met a new girl and eventually told her this isn’t
    your real hair it might freak her out or make her think you’re not
    confident in yourself.

  6. Jorge Nunez says:

    my wife thinks its cool


    i think Shanes head looks more natural now then from his first video. I
    think over time it looks even more better.

  8. Mahavishnu80 says:

    ‘Im to sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shurt it hurts’

  9. Both the guys look fantastic.

  10. dannymawds says:

    Been waiting along time to see the completion since the first video.. looks

  11. chaucer555 says:

    Fantastic look!

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