Alopecia Areata – Guide to the Condition and Treatments

Alopecia Areata - Guide to the Condition and Treatments


  1. tabomzkie25 says:

    hi. im 18. i had suffer from a alopecia first i had a small
    patch on my lower haed scalp. and then all of a sudden, it came toa point
    that it becomes larger 🙁 and then seriously all my hair was gone and now
    im totally bald . im now using wigs for protection, now, i have a
    question.. does it really affects the new hair growing?

  2. Belgravia Centre says:

    @anthonyrey1545 It is possible for children to experience Alopecia Areata.
    Unfortunately none of the treatments mentioned in the video are suitable
    for children under the age of 16. As stated, it is always possible for the
    hair to grow back without treatments as the follicles do not become
    damaged, only dormant. The more severe the case, the less likely the
    chances of regrowth.

  3. Belgravia Centre says:

    Hi Vexen. How old are you? Our treatments are only available to people from
    the age of 16. Alopecia World (you can search for the site on Google) is a
    great site for people with alopecia. It is a community, a but like
    Facebook, where you can meet other people with the same condition. I hope
    this is helpful, and if you need anything at all please let us know.

  4. Belgravia Centre says:

    @jeanmichael02 Hi Jeanmichael. Thanks for your comment. How much hair have
    you lost?

  5. @BelgraviaCentre it’s random pitches but alot and in my face also

  6. It’s the water causing it in London, I fitted reverse osmosis kenetico and
    my hairloss stop and my alopecia areata grew back, I swear!

  7. Belgravia Centre says:

    @mrwonderfulman2011 Hi, and thank you for your comment. Have you ever tried
    minoxidil 12.5% cream? This treatment might be helpful to you, without the
    invasiveness of injections. If you would like further information please do
    not hesitate to contact The Belgravia Centre through or website – we can
    send products to most countries.

  8. Lovely Moon says:

    Does Alopecia cause pain and does it kill like cancer? I really want to
    know because my aunt has it and I’m worried

  9. armaghdown1 says:

    My severity is rather much 50% of my scalp effected however I have no bald
    patches anymore , just my natural brown hair and white hair where I used to
    have patches. This white hair does not accept a colour from dyes etc so its
    very unsightly. Could 12.5% change the colour of the hair to natural brown
    and does it stop further hairloss?

  10. Damyan Kostov says:

    What helped me was a mix of vitamin A, almond oil and olive oil. You apply
    it on the patches, cover it with nylon, put a hat on it and stay like that
    for an hour. Then you just wash your head. Hope I’ve helped!

  11. Belgravia Centre says:

    @cudder2313 Unfortunately the only possibly effective treatment for
    Universalis is topical immunotherapy. Details are provided in the video. It
    is however possible that hair can regrow at any time as the hair follicles
    are dormant but not damaged.

  12. Zeona Azram says:

    @suprajazz where did you get belgravia from??

  13. im scared…i have it mild…for now T_T

  14. but do you have to use this minoxdile your entire life to keep the hair? if
    you stop using it will you lose your hair?

  15. When I was in first grade, I lost ALL of my hair, it didn’t grow back for 3
    years, then I lost it all again 1 year later and was patchy for a few
    months, around a year…5 years later, I am still getting patches not as
    severe but still annoying

  16. Belgravia Centre says:

    @sarahElhagry88 Alopecia is successfully treatable if mild, or in the early
    stages. The Belgravia Pharmacy produces a minoxidil 12.5% cream that we
    find to be highly successful in regrowing hair for patchy alopecia. You can
    find more information and see before/after photos and success stories on
    The Belgravia Centre website (use the link in the video description). More
    severe alopecia, such as totalis or universalis is more difficult to treat,
    but hair could grow back spontaneously at any time.

  17. Andrew Negron says:

    Hi. I was just diagnosed with this recently first it started with my
    mustache. The right side of my mustache. Then it slowly started with my
    right eyebrow. Then parts of my left mustache. Then behind my head on the
    right side. then i have it on the right side of my head and now its
    starting on my left side of my head. The doctors said not to worry it will
    grow back in a few months but i know he is just saying that. They say its
    due to stress but I honestly dont feel stressed. Any tips?

  18. Belgravia Centre says:

    In the case of Alopecia Areata, if the hair grows back treatment can be
    stopped. The patches may return but you can use our minoxidil 12.5% cream
    as and when the bald patches appear and the product can be very effective
    for this.

  19. sarahElhagry88 says:

    i really wanna know it Alopecia patient can recover from it or not… and
    if they recover from them will it return back ?

  20. I’m 13 and have alopecia on three different places. I’ve had it for awhile
    and nothing is working so I decided to get the shots. I’m used to getting
    shots in my arm and bloodwork done but am nervous about getting shots in my
    head. Are the shots any worse then getting bloodwork done? How much do they
    hurt? Any tips to make it less painful?

  21. Belgravia Centre says:

    @lardlizard This depends on the individual. Some men or women will not
    experience recurrence of patchy hair loss after the condition has been
    cleared up. We have treated hundreds, maybe thousands of cases of alopecia
    areata with minoxidil 12.5%, and there are many cases where patches have
    not returned.

  22. Belgravia Centre says:

    @Kazzi3C for more information on what can be done please visit our alopecia
    areata page. To do this go to The Belgravia Centre website (listed under
    the video) and click on the ‘other hair loss conditions’ link in the menu
    on the right. Then choose ‘Alopecia Areata’.

  23. Belgravia Centre says:

    @automaticchic Please ask her to visit The Belgravia Centre website and
    complete our online diagnostic form using the ‘Belgravia Worldwide’ tab on
    the home page. Depending on the severity of her hair loss, our treatments
    might be able to help.

  24. Belgravia Centre says:

    @armaghdown1 how severe is your condition? It is very unlikely topical
    immunotherapy would be necessary – this is generally only advised for
    extreme cases of alopecia as it can cause serious side effects. Minoxidil
    12.5% + Azelaic Acid cream has been very successful for patchy alopecia.

  25. Belgravia Centre says:

    @lardlizard that is because Regaine / Rogaine is an off-the-shelf version
    of minoxidil that is only licensed for genetic hair loss. Belgravia’s
    minoxidil formulations are prescribed individually by our in-house doctor
    and although the product is not officially licensed for Alopecia Areata, it
    has worked to clear up the condition in many cases. Pharmaceutical
    companies have no interest in spending millions on clinical trials for
    minoxidil on Alopecia Areata because it is not a common condition.

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