How to Stop Hair Loss

How to Stop Hair Loss


  1. Jason Telmo says:

    I can most definitely relate to this problem of Male Pattern Baldness,
    Domingo. I started to get bald at the age of 27 too. The hair that grew on
    the top of my head did not grow as fast as the one on the side of my head.
    The “Master Herbalist” Series #77 … I should have learned about this
    product before I had my hair transplant and spent a fortune. Man!!! I can
    see the big difference, Domingo. You have much thicker hair now on the top
    of your head. The hair strands are FULLER now. It’s nice to have bangs
    again. Hehehe. $61 worth? WOW! If only that product is available in the
    Philippines. Thanks for sharing this info, Domingo. :-)?

  2. Romeocoolbadboy says:

    Nice video broski.?

  3. 1BlazinEagle1 says:

    swear iam getting this now?

  4. Domingo0022IWAY says:


  5. Kizzume Fowler says:

    Hey there, it’s neat that there’s something that’s working for you. The
    thing is, even with that product, you’re still eventually going to lose
    your hair if it’s part of your genes. There’s no getting around it. I
    have a better option that costs nothing: Shave your head and grow out your
    facial hair. 🙂 Your face isn’t going to get more bald in time, it’s only
    going to get hairier.?

  6. Archie Life and Inspiration says:

    I’m gonna have to try this!!!! ?

  7. jon otano says:

    I may get that thanks for the help! :)?

  8. superdevinsX says:

    I need this. i’ve been dealing with this since i was 17.?

  9. Peggasr Leggasr says:

    and i hope you’re not faking this story lol?

  10. SmartmanChris says:

    Thanks Dom but I decided to grow old disgracefully and that includes going
    bald. The only problem I have balding is that it hurts a lot more and does
    more damage when I bang my head on the numerous things that my masochistic
    scalp seems attracted too. Just means I wear my hat more and also prevents
    me getting a sunburnt head.?

  11. Peggasr Leggasr says:

    i’m 17 and this started to happen to me, noticed it a couple of months ago,
    but now its worse, i will get this product if this problem persists.?

  12. That’s interesting, mine is also thinning! If I remember I think I will ask
    my doctor if it will be compatible with other medications I have to take.

  13. how long have you been taking this product so far? for the results that you
    are getting .?

  14. GameSolutionsHD says:

    cool bro the only thing u need now is a suplement to change your face ?

  15. Veltis Angel says:

    I hope you know that this video will get a lot of views! ?

  16. ChaCha Cheatah says:

    Damn you don’t even look 28 maybe 24 or 25 so young :)) glad you are still
    rocking your hairdo?

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