“Hair Loss In Women” | MyCauses: Sickness, Separation, Stress, Smoking


  1. AlopeciaFreeWithJass says:

    @Justine A- My body too! Congrats on your BC! Don’t mind rambling
    on…it’s fun to read and connect with ladies like you. Stay sweet and
    let’s continue to grow together :)?

  2. Justine A says:

    I go through the same thing. I stress out thinking I’m handling things Ok
    but my body disagrees. Just did my big chop. I use shea moisture treatment
    and leave it in because my hair sucks up moisture. Clarify once a week. And
    use the apoghee reconstruction that harden under the dryer every 6 weeks.
    Sorry to ramble but I wish u the best with everything ?

  3. NaturalhairofSpain says:

    Wow I didn’t know you were going thur so much! I’ve recently having
    problems with my husband and I was terrified that my hair would fall out
    too! Right now I”m in a protective style and I”m mediating . So far it’s
    working ! It’s definitely helping me thur the stress and that’s a good
    thing! You should try it sometimes. Here’s a cyber hug for ya!!

  4. Dreamhair71x says:

    I am a subbie now. Thanks for subscribing to me. Even though your hair if
    falling out, it looks so healthy unlike mine that looks so thin. I hope
    mine fills out soon. Its been 20 months since my big chop and 27 months
    since I had my last perm. Good luck in your journey this time around.

  5. wow didn’t know u been going through all that Jass, my number changed I
    hope all is well now ive been going through some things myself that’s y u
    haven’t heard from me because I isolate myself when I get depressed but
    love u girl xoxo

  6. AlopeciaFreeWithJass says:

    Thank you Grace xo

  7. AlopeciaFreeWithJass says:

    Thank you so much C. Check your FB messages….

  8. kinky grace says:

    Hang in there Jass : )

  9. cookiesmg2324 says:

    I am glad things are going better for you, and pray that everything is
    going well.

  10. cookiesmg2324 says:

    I experience a lot of itchiness as well, and soreness as well. Like not in
    one spot either, spots that are thinning and ones that are. But when I wash
    my hair with shampoo it goes away. So I have been shampooing every 2 weeks.
    But I do a hot oil treatment, pre-poo, and then I shampoo, then deep
    condition, just to keep the moisture from being stripped out of my hair. I
    was shampooing once a month, and co-washing every week. But my scalp would
    hurt and itch so bad if i did.

  11. EmbracingMyLife13 says:

    How have been since the last time spoke?? I pray all is well. πŸ™‚

  12. AlopeciaFreeWithJass says:

    I have been doing a lot better. Thank you so much for caring enough to
    write/ask xoxoxoxo

  13. AlopeciaFreeWithJass says:

    They are getting back on track, thank you for your well wishes. I so want
    to take a dance class, but I am not sure what to take. Thank you. That
    sounds like a great idea!

  14. Thoznaturalgirls says:

    Hopefully things are getting back on track for you. Find something that
    can help you release that stress! (dance, painting to music, yoga) Thank
    you for sharing. πŸ™‚

  15. AlopeciaFreeWithJass says:

    Thank you so much. You are too kind. Your encouragement means so much to
    me. Please write anytime. I need the love from my ladies here. No YOU’RE

  16. MsMonroeBeauty nFashion says:

    I appreciate it Diva!!! : )

  17. AlopeciaFreeWithJass says:

    Thank you MsMonroe. Your support means a lot to me xo I can’t wait to try
    out some of your make-up tips. You do know you are too pretty for make-up
    πŸ˜‰ Blessings girl

  18. AlopeciaFreeWithJass says:

    Thank you. I love you too friend *Hugs* You made my night xoxo

  19. ash86marie says:

    U have a beautiful soul, I love u:)

  20. MsMonroeBeauty nFashion says:

    Awwwww I am praying for you..you r very strong beautiful~

  21. vavavoomsp1 says:

    U know… I just love ur strength and honesty … All will work out for
    u…and ur encouraging… Keep ur head, because ur AWSOME !!!!

  22. AlopeciaFreeWithJass says:

    Thank you hun, I truly appreciate your words of encouragement and wisdom. I
    also am thankful for your prayers and know that you are in mine as well.
    Many Blessings xx

  23. AlopeciaFreeWithJass says:

    I am so sorry to hear about your mother. I hope she is doing better now. I
    really need to take walks. That would for sure make me feel good. I use to
    take biotin and I stopped, but I am going to revisit taking it. Thank you
    for sharing. I really appreciate it. xoxo

  24. AlopeciaFreeWithJass says:

    Thank you so much for writing and for keeping me in your prayers. I am
    holding on to Him tightly. I know with His help, I can get through these
    trials. I am grateful that you appreciate my transparency with you all. It
    has been hard sharing, but you ladies make it worth it and I am truly
    blessed for all of you who have commented and sent such love and kindness.
    Enjoy your day xo

  25. AlopeciaFreeWithJass says:

    Thank you for your writing and sharing this with me. I really hope that the
    growth speeds back up for you. What I have been learning for my hair is
    slow and steady wins the race. Write anytime.

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