Indepth Caboki Review (One Month) Hairloss Product/ Concealer

Indepth Caboki Review (One Month) Hairloss Product/ Concealer


  1. james ellie says:

    *****i have really dry frizzy hair and argan oil products work wonders. i
    usually take a shower with …. arganlifeproducts….

  2. Shaw Welsh says:

    I’ve been using ARGANRain Products for about three months now. I haven’t
    noticed hair growth but I have noticed less hair falling out.If nothing
    else this product feels good and leaves your hair feeling clean – not oily
    or rough……

  3. Great video. Gave me the confidence to buy this, Cheers.

  4. Great video! thanks for all the information. Just starting caboki now, what
    is the situation when you use a beanie or hoodie? would they come off? I
    live in Canada so constant use of a head covering is a matter of life when
    u step outside

  5. derek drouin says:

    I haven’t had any adverse reactions. I use it daily. I really like it and
    do see a difference. I’ve used arganrain argan oil and shampoo its a really
    good brand. It’s better than others i’ve tried.

  6. did you apply the whole product?? how many times a bottle could be used??

  7. Great video! I was wondering if you have experimented with the darker
    brown? Furthermore, do you use this product on a daily basis or only on
    special occasions? Thanks for posting your review – very informative.

  8. Shawn McConnell says:

    Mine wasn’t and actual box. It was an bubble wrapped envelope and was quiet
    small, the weight was also very minimal if you’re worried about shipping.
    If it set’s for a day regardless you do need to be aware of scratching your

  9. Shawn McConnell says:

    No side effects what so ever, if I had to be picky it would it would be
    that you can’t really scratch your head when you have it applied

  10. wow ur life is pathetic if you were really that bothered by something so

  11. Pity we couldn’t see a before and after video

  12. Great review. I don’t personally suffer from hair loss but I have a friend
    that does. He will be watching this video tomorrow haha.

  13. neomatrix099 says:

    Awesome Review! I’m a caboki user myself. I am one month in and I have no
    complaints. This is a great product. If anyone is curious or skeptical, try
    it. You will be surprised and amazed how well it works. No side effects. No
    Odors. Once you get the hang of it, it doesn’t take much time at all to
    apply and style.

  14. Spring1234777 says:

    The beginning of the video is the before…..The end is the after…..

  15. Also, does it look real? Or can people tell you’ve applied it

  16. Hey Shawn, I would recommend Lipogane 5% minoxidil with 5% Azelaic Acid
    which is key! Also recommend a shampoo with the compound (ketoconazole)
    because its been clinically proven to inhibit two types of D.H.T on your
    scalp which plays a major factor in hair loss. This has worked great for me
    try it for 6 months and you will see results.(regenepure is a great shampoo)

  17. Shawn McConnell says:

    I have not tried the darker drown, my hair naturally does go darker in the
    winter months but I have not noticed a difference

  18. Mike9798999 says:

    quick they deliver the caboki in big boxes?? and if you set it
    in for a day, will if be harder too take out? (as far as scracting your
    head or touching it) good vid

  19. sheepthehack says:

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  20. Don’t listen to people who say “just shave it all off dude” You look great.
    Glad the product works well for you.

  21. Shawn McConnell says:

    Hi 19htown, It does look real and when I first showed my friends they asked
    if they could touch it etc b/c it looked so real. Be prepared for that as

  22. enter a name here says:

    black barbers ( as in african american) have been doing this for years with
    a liquid not a powder

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  24. Shawn, thanks for posting. I just ordered my sample and I really looking
    forward to using it. This was encouraging to watch.

  25. I can just imagine women running their fingers through their mans hair
    after he’s used Caboki and her hand looks like she working on a furnace.

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