Hair Loss Story

Hair Loss Story


  1. Your a very nice person give your hair away.?

  2. Marie Michel says:

    I absolutely relate to your entire story. Thank you for sharing. I’ve
    been wearing drawstring ponytails and wigs for seven months now. Started
    lossing my hair a year ago and was devastaed. Now…I cannot step away from
    my hair peices. I’m still new to wig wearing and I’m learning the ropes.
    So glad to have come across your tutorials and reviews. You look absolutely

  3. TheLeanyLeany says:

    Hey! I’m losing my hair too and I needed encouragement/inspiration….
    found this video!! Thank you so much for posting it!! I was totally opposed
    to wearing wigs but seeing how great you look and feel I’m totally for it
    now!! Thanks again :)))?

  4. Patti Byce says:

    Wow….in the beginning I thought you were telling us about your hair loss
    story and how you grew it back. I couldn’t even tell you were wearing a
    wig!!! You are absolutely beautiful…way to inspire others!!!!

  5. Amy Kucharski says:

    Your absolutely gorgeous , you inspire me .

  6. Luz Cavadia says:

    Thank you. Please tell us where you find a store like that. I need some
    help. You inspired me.

  7. PumpkinMozie says:

    you are awesome:)

  8. MsGiovaneBelle says:

    You inspire me. I admire you. I understand you. And I appreciate you
    putting your story out there. I teared as I was listening to this. I don’t
    feel so alone anymore.

  9. So did you eventually get to be diagnosed on what was causing your hair

  10. JiniusBeauty says:

    Very inspiring! :’) You go girl!!! I suffer from scalp psoriasis and i just
    bouth my first wig! You actually helped me with you review on the Ozone wig
    Raquel. Thank you so much!!

  11. DaysFlyBy007 says:

    Omg I love you. This is totally happening to me and it’s devastating.
    Bloodwork always comes back normal. I literally fantasize about shaving my
    head and rocking a wig because no matter what it still seems easier than
    constantly constantly messing around with my own hair all day every day
    trying to make sure my scalp isn’t blinding everyone. I’m so insecure, I
    hate it. It’s all I think about.

  12. betty howard says:


  13. Lisa Doherty says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your story. Seriously. Just looked and the
    mirror and noticed that my hair has become all the worse. Similarly, born
    with a full head of hair and started inexplicably losing it in college. Now
    it’s so thin the only choice I have it to wear pixie cuts and cover bald
    spots with those powders. Anyway, thanks again for the empathetic video.
    Really helped restore some hope. That and the fact that wigs/extensions are
    becoming more popular.

  14. I definitely understand what u went through because that’s what I’m going
    through right now.. I’ve just been feeling very depressed and soo insecure
    that I don’t even want to go out in public.. i’ts really affected me
    emotionally, and I just don’t know what to do. It made me cry because I
    truly identify myself with you… Thank you for sharing your story

  15. Kenny Keys says:

    You are a star, and really admire your attitude towards life. Don’t feel
    bad, you have the whole world supporting you. >_<

  16. Maya Howell says:

    I got alopecia. And I love how you Explain wigs and so forth. I’m the same
    I don’t like hair caps. . My hair is long and fine plus it doesn’t breathe
    with it on. . I got eye lashes eye brows but no hair on my body. . But hair
    on my head which is very similar to yours. . I wear a short blond wig. . In
    Australia they don’t have much wigs not like in the states. I wear mine but
    I wear a head band. . I’m self conscious I want it to look natural hehe. .

  17. Thank you…it’s happening to me and searching what I could do to save what
    I have..

  18. I have androgenic alopecia. I’ve been losing my hair since a teenager. My
    frontline has been preceding back, year by year. I also had lots of long
    hair as a kid and understand you completely. I have also been thinking of
    shaving my head and getting a wig but haven’t found the courage doing so
    yet. Watching you I think I’ll take that step actually doing it. I admire
    your courage.

  19. Tyson Griffin says:

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    which stimulates hair follicles.,.,.,., While you can purchase argan oil
    separately from the website, having it in a shampoo form works better.

  20. you should chek your blod again

  21. Wonderful video. I really enjoyed it. You look beautiful and are so
    articulate! No one would think you are wearing a wig. My hair has been
    getting thinner and thinner and I just chopped it off into a pixie cut and
    wear wigs. I love them.

  22. lemonstingeyes says:

    Thank you so so soooo much for posting this video. Ive been losing hair
    along my hairline and now I have two bald patches on the sides of my head.
    And I’m only 16. You cannot believe how it feels, I feel like I’m so alone
    because my family doesn’t support me and I can’t tell this to anyone. But
    you’re video has given me courage to keep fighting for my hair and that I’m
    not the only one. I’m looking into buying a lasercomb, and hopefully a
    miracle will happen. Thanks again 🙂

  23. You give me so much confidence. Thank you for your videos!

  24. sc00bydoo23 says:

    oops nevermind the question, found your video about it :p

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