Chicago Hair Loss Clinic – Open Day for HIS Hair Clinic

Chicago Hair Loss Clinic - Open Day for HIS Hair Clinic


  1. HisHairClinic says:

    The cost of the treatment is dependent? on your degree of hair loss and if
    you have any hair transplant scars that need to be camouflaged. Have a look
    at our website for more details and send us an email for a quote

  2. HisHairClinic says:

    We have a clinic in Houston, the contact details are: Suite 240, 2nd floor,
    1455 West Loop South, Houston, TX 77027 – Tel: 1-855-447-4247

  3. HisHairClinic says:

    That’s Matt. To read more about him and see his before pictures, type the
    following into the search box on our forum “Looking for the pics of Matt
    from New York office” and that should be up the topic you want to view

  4. IhateUrFuckinFace says:

    How much dose this cost anyway?

  5. manafront says:

    Y’all should really have a payment plan by now it makes no sense not to.

  6. adam platt says:

    hishairclinic, I have a question, im gonan be back from my deployment in
    November, im gonna be in Chicago, im looking to fix a receding hair line, I
    usually cut my hair with a #2 guard, what do u recommend, would like to get
    it fixed there

  7. whos the guy speaking? i would like to look up his story on the site of its
    therr his hairline lookd flawless

  8. Shaytasingh18 says:

    Any plans on opening a clinic here in houston??

  9. HisHairClinic says:

    Hi Adam, if you drop an email with your pictures to usa@hishairclinic.c o m
    detailing the kind of result you are looking to achieve, then we can advise
    you on the best course of action to take

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