10 Tips Against Hair Loss

10 Tips Against Hair Loss


  1. Do you know WhetherArganRain has any tests or not ?

  2. Do you know WhetherArganRain has any tests or not ?

  3. Sunaree Yang says:

    where did u bought your ginger shampoo? I did used ARGANRain products but
    it wasn’t work for me, my hair still falling.

  4. petrucci15 says:

    yay mason is back!! i noticed after coming back from china travelling that
    i was going bald quite fast…maybe its the polution there haha. and hey
    are u back in shanghai?! apartment looks familiar

  5. MasonsTurtle says:

    Nice. You seem quite knowledgeable on this topic.

  6. Hey Mason. The 2 most common causes of hair loss are caused by the same
    chemical called DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). It’s naturally produced by your
    body. If your body produces too much, you’ll start to lose your hair. The
    genetic thing is when you have a lot of Androgen in your hair follicles –
    which DHT attaches to. But yeah, check out stuff that kills DHT, keep your
    protein and iron up and you’ll notice your hair getting thicker πŸ™‚

  7. Minoxidil + (ketconoazole) shampoo = HAIR (please prove me wrong) best of

  8. ah its amazing site….i agree with dean bond.. search EDWIN DIAZ on google.

  9. Fred Shampine says:

    Mason,it is ok to go bald.you will be in good company with a billion other

  10. Swift Justice says:

    you are handsome. don’t worry about it.

  11. STOP Hair Fall with (EDWIN DIAZ)… just Google Him

  12. MONEYBAGS603 says:

    it you try meth it wont matter only the bugs will

  13. nvm – around 7:00, we’re talking about the same thing! You can also check
    out solutions for reducing your Androgen receptors.

  14. Revita shampoo best

  15. Daniel Asher Saville says:

    How’s your hair growth now ? The shampoo with ketaconozole is more than an
    anti dandruff shampoo πŸ™‚ it helps to remove the DHT which is the hormone
    that makes your hair fall out πŸ™‚ use it 3 times a week but leave it on for
    5 minutes each time !! It will work πŸ™‚ the minoxidil is your best bet to
    grow back your hair line buddy . I’ve gt all my air growing back can give
    you some tips if you want x

  16. DavidofThe says:

    I will buy any product endorsed by Jackie Chan

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