How To Use Nizoral Shampoo To Help Hair Loss (2% Ketoconazole)

How To Use Nizoral Shampoo To Help Hair Loss (2% Ketoconazole)


  1. HairLossForMe says:

    Nizoral is an anti dandruff shampoo so yes it should help you, but you
    should speak to a doctor before starting any new medication.

  2. phil nasseh says:

    I have snow flakes all over my face well that help me get rid off it from
    that shampoo

  3. phil nasseh says:

    I use it ever other day is that good

  4. HairLossForMe says:

    My photos of 11 months from Rogaine / Regaine 5% minoxidil and Nizoral 2%
    ketoconazole use are now online. My website address is in the video
    description or just Google hair loss for me.

  5. TheCrystalmethCastle says:

    Did you get a prescription for this from your doctor or is it over the
    counter? if so where did you get it ?

  6. Nizoral has some very harsh chemical it in which as Rengenpure is much
    better for your hair and can be used daily and Nizoral only 3x a week
    because of its harsh chemicals like (S.L.S)

  7. sosaysthelegend says:

    Also, I refuse to try Minoxidil or Propecia because of the potential side
    effects I’ve read about. Is Regenepure only effective to slow down or
    prevent hair loss when used in conjunction with them?

  8. HairLossForMe says:

    I use Nizoral 2% ketoconazole 2-3 times a week. How often you use it
    depends on how your scalp / hair reacts to it. Some users get very dry &
    itchy scalps from using it too often & it can do more harm than good.
    Others can use it every other day. A study online shows Nizoral 2% is as
    effective as minoxidil 2% for treating hair loss-google: 2% nizoral shampoo
    increase. If Nizoral alone does help with regrowth, I think it would be
    minimal. Speak to your doctor before taking any medication.

  9. Patricia Alvarez Alvarez says:

    You should know that there are a lot of reasons of the hair loss. The
    genetic,strees, wrong nutrition, pregnancy cause the hair loss. The
    remedies change from the person to person. The protein diet and Argan Life
    Ultra Nourishing Oil Treatment help me to stop the hair loss problem

  10. HairLossForMe says:

    Hi, there aren’t many studies on 1% Ketoconazole vs 2% for hair loss. If
    you’re using 1% every day, then the effectiveness is probably similar to
    using 2% every other day. Another shampoo with 1% Ketoconazole that you
    might want to try is Revita. I’ve never used it, but it’s cheaper than
    Regenepure. I’m not a doctor and you should always speak to your doctor
    before taking any form of medication.

  11. HairLossForMe says:

    Photos of months 0-3 are now on HairLossForMe. So far the results are
    pretty good. The website address is in the video or just google it.

  12. HairLossForMe says:

    Hi, I guess it depends how often you use it. I get the 100ml bottle and use
    it every other day, which lasts me about 6 – 8 weeks. I’m in the UK so I
    can order mine online and it isn’t that expensive (£9-£10 a bottle, which
    is about $14).

  13. HairLossForMe says:

    Hi Max and Patricia, This is my video so I thought I’d give you my
    background – I started losing hair when I was 26 and by the time I was 27
    it was becoming visible. I then started using Rogaine / Regaine 5% foam and
    Nizoral shampoo as both are proven to help with hair loss. I have always
    had a very healthy diet and eat more protein than most. The results I have
    seen from Rogaine / Regaine and Nizoral in just 3 months are very good and
    you can see the results on my other video. Thanks.

  14. Tommy Harris says:

    Then you must explain this at the start of the video.

  15. Patricia Alvarez Alvarez says:

    Maybe in the near future, i will prepare my own hair loss story, I will
    share How i solved my hair loss problem with vitamin support(Argan Life),
    nutrition. I will mention my mood during the hair loss

  16. Patricia Alvarez Alvarez says:

    Eat a balanced diet. Plus, hair is 95% protein, so a high protein diet can
    help promote healthy hair, especially if you have a protein deficiency.
    Look for foods such as fish, eggs, beans, and yogurt. Moreover, we have to
    support our hair with vitamin( especialy E vitamin), fatty acids to have
    healty hair. My choice is Ultra Nourishing Oil Treatment and anti hair loss
    shampoo of “argan Llfe products”, i would suggest to chek it out in google

  17. hans brehm says:

    My wife uses Minoxidil and Nizoral 2% for female, familial balding. Her
    hair is great AND CURLY, as well. Her hair was always full but straight as
    a pin. She says it probably a combination of both meds because minoxidil
    alone eventually straightens her hair. I should use it as well but I just
    don’t ever seem to get into the routine,

  18. HairLossForMe says:

    Wow triple digits! Don’t ever pay that for Nizoral. I’m not sure why the 1%
    is becoming harder to buy, but some people are saying that the company that
    makes it changed their manufacturing plant and had to submit new labels to
    the FDA to reflect this. An alternative 1% keto shampoo that I have used is
    Regenepure DR. The only downside is that it’s more expensive than Nizoral.
    I live in the UK so I can buy the 2% over the counter, which still seems to
    be in stock everywhere.

  19. HairLossForMe says:

    Hi, yes the active ingredient ketoconazole is used to treat dandruff, but
    it is also clinically proven to topically inhibit the synthesis of
    testosterone to DHT (the main cause of hair loss). If you Google
    “ketoconazole hairloss study” the top link takes you to a study that
    examined the effect of ketoconazole vs minoxidil for hair loss.

  20. sosaysthelegend says:

    I’m using Regenepure. I’m concerned that it may not be as effective as the
    2%, since my understanding is that all the clinical data supporting the
    effectiveness of keto has been for 2% shampoos. I’ve only been using it for
    a couple weeks, and it’s made my hair nicer (probably the conditioner), but
    the jury’s out on the hair loss prevention (and/or regrowth, though I’m not
    really counting on that part). Do you believe both 1% and 2% to be equally
    effective? I use it everyday right now.

  21. I used to get the 2% nizoral bottle. However, the bottle is ridiculously
    small and you run out of it in a few days. You gotta go to the pharmacy
    back and forth for new ones and the price for it is high. Therefore, I gave
    up on it and started using folicure instead.

  22. Why it’s not available in the US pharmacies? I asked an assistant and she
    said they no longer are allowed to have it on shelves. I asked for an
    alternative and she told me, that was the best shampoo in the market.
    Anyone knows about this ?

  23. Tommy Harris says:

    Stop being stupid and patronizing. A high protein diet can never stop
    androgenetic hair loss. Many Americans get enough protein but still going

  24. HairLossForMe says:

    Hi, yes mine is also the 100ml bottle. I have been using Nizoral 2-3 times
    a week for 5 months now with no problems. Some people experience an itchy
    or irritated scalp when they use it too often, but a lot of forum users use
    it 2-3 times a week with no problems and good results. My bottle last
    around 6 – 8 weeks.

  25. HairLossForMe says:

    Some people are saying that the company? that makes it changed their
    manufacturing plant and had to submit new labels to the FDA to reflect
    this. An alternative 1% keto shampoo that I have used is Regenepure DR. The
    only downside is that it’s more expensive than Nizoral.

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