Underactive Thyroid, Natural Therapy, Hair loss, and some of my experiences MEGA-TEK

Underactive Thyroid, Natural Therapy, Hair loss, and some of my experiences MEGA-TEK


  1. Andriy Gulikov says:

    Hey! I’m? Tyler.I did -35 lbs past one week.Go to hddiet.gs#KtyX

  2. yeah i switched from synthroid to armour. i feel a shit ton better. but my hair is still hella thin. synthroid is the worst. i wad diagnosed with hypothyroid when i was like 16.. im 24 now and it suckss lol. i used to have really nice hair but i look so goofy? now. only thing i can recommend is sleep on time. take your medicine at the same time everyday. and stick to armour. primrose oil helps. but thats literally the only thing that does. everything else is a scam. exercise helps too

  3. Please update us on your hair loss and overall well being. Hoping you continue to have positive results and thanks? for the video πŸ™‚

  4. Thanks for video. I have been watching dr Osborne on Glutenology and although I have been wheat gluten-free, now decided to go full gluten free as I am hoping this will relieve many of my symptoms. I am currently dairy free and have not had a mouth ulcer since! I used to have at least two on the go at all times so this is a real breakthrough. Just started on Armour Thyroid for Hashimotos and noticing more hair loss than usual. Interesting journey but? I am full of hope.

  5. simplylunar says:

    This is really interesting.? I think I might have something similar…hoping to see the doc soon about it.

  6. Debbie Davis says:

    How long did it take for your hair to grow back persiandeva? I am about to go on Whole thyroid (natural) from Levothyroxine. I am in NZ and am willing to give you a journal to how I am going if I could get your email?? I have had Hypothyroidism since a young child and need to feel more energy and though my weight is ok (can be better) my hair is not πŸ™ I am hoping my switch will have many improvements (head gets a bit fuzzy and concentration not as good as I like)

  7. livelovelaughwith lisa says:

    Not to? mention recently my face broken out so bad below my cheek bones to jaw line. This just tells me, it hormone and maybe related to my thyroid

  8. livelovelaughwith lisa says:

    Any how, last? year did check out my sex hormone. Dr said it was fine too. Been switching shampoo, hair loss treatment everything. Hair still falling off. Just made appointment with dr. Arggg!

  9. livelovelaughwith lisa says:

    Ive been on synthroi since 2011. Recently, I have experiencing servere hair loss even on the medication. Still feeling tired, short on energy too. Lab test came back last year when I conplain about hair loss too. Dr said my levels are? normal being on my synthroid dose. Hair continue to fall out until this year. Even worst,even to the point that I husband complain about my hair clogging up shower and on the floors around the house.

  10. Satish jindal says:

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  11. barbara russell says:

    Yes but where to buy armour thyroid please? because I am in the UK and it is under prescription here. I went online but could not get? anywehere? Some of the pharm. in Canada they do not sell to UK. Please can you help? Thank you .

  12. GeeTube17 says:

    Jarrow Formulas, B-Right, 100 capsules. This supplement contains niacin in the form of nicotinic acid, which can cause a “niacin flush”. If you wanna have a non flushing b? complex, look for niacin in the form of niacinimide, such as Now Foods or Nature’s Way.

  13. persiandiva77 says:

    that is great info! Can you recommend? a B complex supplement?

  14. GeeTube17 says:

    Try a balanced(!) vitamin b complex and have a good protein amount every day. You will benefit from? b vitamins in many ways, especially in terms of energy boost.

  15. Armour is the only one that helps me, too! I have had the condition since infancy and lived most of my life on Synthroid. Glad you challenged the skepticism! I? have read that the tablet may absorb better if administered by sublingual method.

  16. persiandiva77 says:

    Hello, the med is Armour thyroid. It is derived from pig which was upsetting to me but I made a call to a scholar and? it is considered permissible. ? I didn’t want to do something haram! What I was told is that because I need that to live, it is ok.

  17. persiandiva77 says:

    Hello, the med is armoire thyroid. It is derived from pig which was upsetting to me but I made a call to a scholar and it is considered permissible.?

  18. Ahmed Althour says:

    Im on Levothyroxine for 2 yrs n recently my hair is literally everywhere !! Maybe its time for a change .. Thank you ..?

  19. Ahmed Althour says:

    Sorry bout that , using son’s iPod . What animal products did you say are in each med? ?

  20. Ahmed Althour says:

    Hi ,? did gou say that the med

  21. persiandiva77 says:

    I am feeling pretty good actually. Still on Armour. I haven’t had weight gain. OHHH! One new thing, I am on a gluten free diet which really seems to make me? feel better. I hope you are doing well. Glad you are back! πŸ™‚

  22. Dont know what happened here, just sub. AGAIN. Im so surprised that you havent gotten more response on this subject. Have had thyroid problems for the last 4 yrs-taking? 112mcg presently/synthroid. Once a year go for blood work and dosage has gone up each year. Do you have any new info…how are you feeling now. Thanks, good to see you again. PS The strangest thing I keep seeing is the weight gain – 20lbs so far.

  23. persiandiva77 says:

    YAY!!! That is fabulous! I am so? glad it works for you too. I also hate synthroid!

  24. change. My mood lifted and I had more energy. I didn’t need power naps as much during the day as I had before and steadily my hair has grown back and I feel much better. I wouldn’t ever go back to levi’ – I felt worse on that than? on no meds. Armour doesn’t work for everyone but it does for me. The weight is still a constant struggle and that upsets me as i have always been a lightweight. Thyroid disorder is horrid. I hope you are keeping well, let us know of your progress! :))

  25. persiandiva77 says:

    oh the suspense! What happened with armour? for you?

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