Hair Loss From Steroids

Hair Loss From Steroids


  1. Delcio Shine says:

    My choice is Arganlife herbal anti hair loss shampoo.100% pure argan oil in ARGANLife product is not only rich in vitamin? E, but it also contains around 80% Omega 3 and Omega 9 unsaturated fatty acids that provides nutrition to hair. My hair loss was over. I suggest this product every one…

  2. blockmichael says:

    He does have nice hair… Ill take his advice? although everyone is different

  3. Olgierd Pastuszko says:

    you forgot? you dont have one lol

  4. Hi Chris, been watching your sids for sometime now, good stuff! Started using the BIG 3 for a week now, no major side effects yet. Just a few questions

    1.Does my hair need to be clean and dry for minoxidil?
    2.Is it bad if regenpure drips on my face and other parts of my body?
    3.Tap water/purified water to clean my scalp? Are minerals in tap water good/bad?
    4.How do I prevent minoxidil from getting on my pillow which gets on my face?
    5.Should I be taking Finasteride at a? specific time everyday?

  5. applecom1de says:

    hairrestorationnetwork. com/eve/168439-lying-people-about-hair-transplant-self-profit.html?

  6. cool?

  7. Cappacino1000 says:

    my hair only fell out when i started? injecting steroids into my dick

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