1. courtney wiliams says:

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  2. Mauro Montes says:

    I am giving it 5 stars in anticipation of good regrowth results I am happy because my? hair did stop falling off and it is a great smelling shampoo.t is not drying like others said and cleanse very effectively.
    I will update results in a few months to see if it really does work. Many thank Argan Life herbal family.

  3. Hazel Davies says:

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  4. Mateusz Milion says:

    so after using Argan Life Products for 3 months, I am finally happy with the results.Don’t expect too? much if you just started because you will be dissapointed.Keep your hopes up and after a couple months, you will notice that your hair is stronger and healthier some how…..

  5. basu chetri says:

    the way? he does its non-sence

  6. Shelley Olds says:

    I would? suggest you google this ” ARGANRain Products ” Good delivery, excellent product. After using it for one month, I actually see the new hair growth

  7. nirvan jasrotia says:

    is this method? good for young people ?

  8. MrAsktommy says:

    I bought ” arganrain products “after i saw on the tv. ” When I leave arganrain shampoo on my? hair for a few min. as suggested by the instructions, I can feel the tingling sensation. And after a few weeks of use, I can see that my skull has denser follicles. I still use argan oil & another herbal hair tonic, of course, but I will also stick w/ arganrain shampoo for now……………………….

  9. concerned11 says:


    I used this drug for 6-months back in 2000? and suffered PERMANENT SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION !

    This nightmare has occured to many other men. Some of whom? have since committed SUICIDE !

    Don’t believe Merck’s claim that the side-effects are “rare and temporary”.

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  10. Biel Gonçalves says:

    Hello Drs, will be that it would? be possible to treat kidney atrophied with this technique? Would be the discovery of the century, are millions of people worldwide waiting for a? better tratmento, awaiting contact if possible of course,

  11. does it hurt?? what are the post procedure precautions?

  12. so did he grow new? hair follicles?

  13. Commando303X says:

    Yeah,? too bad P.R.P. doesn’t do anything when just injected into a balding scalp.

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