How to Stop Hair Loss

How to Stop Hair Loss


  1. Mahtab Kh says:

    As Argan Life? anti hair loss product contains pure argan oil with the other herbal ingredients, it stimulates hair growth faster. I am totally satisfied. I hope this helps.

  2. Bixby1979 says:

    Minoxidil + (ketconoazole) shampoo = HAIR (please? prove me wrong)

  3. Dunfee Bushey says:

    It still surprises me, just how lots of people do not know about Zunhairex Secrets (search on google), even though a lot of people completely cure their hair loss and regrow it naturally with this remedy. Thanks to my mate who told me about Zunhairex Secrets, I finally eliminated my embarrassment for? good with healthy approaches.

  4. Marcos Nunez says:

    The rogaine for women didn’t? really help me. So I started on ArganLife Shampoo and organic argan oil and never looked back.My hair loss stop completely and now my hair is more healthy.I think the organic formula has something to do with it.

  5. OriginalBarbie23 says:

    When your hair was growing back did u ever notice that you were losing? some of your new growth too?

  6. lalallful says:

    search on google Edwin diaz or go to the? website EdwinDiaz com

  7. Clare Sanchez says:

    I? triedmanyprodcts offline and online. I am satisfied most from ” arganrain products ” Great product and awesome price! Everything that was promised in the advertisment. The shipping was very fast and had not issues. I have purchased this same product about 5 times from w…arganrainproducts…com my shedding has stopped.

  8. Kyli craig says:

    Shampoo’s don’t treat hairloss but using natural products such as argan oil really make a difference in the strength, shine and health? of hair. So when your hair eventually does grow out then it’ll look a lot better and won’t fall out as. You may visit w.”arganlifeproducts

  9. Hazel Davies says:

    Treat your hair very carefully. Do not brush it unless it needs brushing. Avoid blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons. Don’t dye it, perm it? or relax it. Use a hot oil treatment once a week to enhance shine and overall health. Use a gentle shampoo without sulfates, which can dry and damage hair. I would recommend you this ..arganlifeproducts.. Sulfate, Slicone, Alcohol, Salt and Dye free..

  10. Stephanie Rome says:

    I was ready to try something new. I read a lot of comments and I decided to try arganlife ultra nourishing oil treatment. I have been using it for 3 weeks. The results are perfect.I love? this product ..arganlifeproducts…

  11. selen özdemir says:

    My hair was really falling out especially when I washed it! I’m so glad I found ARGANRain products through google, I’ve used it 7 times? in the past 2 weeks, and I can Really tell the difference! the price is little steep, but worth it,,,,

  12. Desdemona Gladiola says:

    That laser comb gets kinda low ratings on amazon. It’s so pricey. I use coconut oil on my hair. I have touse a dandruff shampoo,? so I can’t go organic. I may start to take the folic acid pills like you advise. I already take Biotin pills. I’ve heard that Rogaine for women can greatly increase dandruff, so I’m afraid to use it.

  13. Leanne Worrall says:

    I have dull, dry and unruly as well frizzy hair..
    I have researched and got to know that ArganLife professional hair care product from is useful in taming frizzy hair, and to make my hair grow faster. It is also Sulfate, Slicone, Alcohol, Salt and Dye Free.
    In the past , i have invested a lot of money in buying different products but haven’t got any better? results than ArganLife
    I hope this helps.

  14. Rebecca Wasser says:

    jojoba oil, compared to castor oil, is also great? for moisturizing. 🙂

  15. Teena Gunn says:

    Hey, appreciate? your detailed review on these products you’ve mentioned, and the good thing is it gives results on you. Moreover, I love the way you give your tips and advices. It does help definitely, not just for people who are looking for hair loss solutions but for people like me who wants to learn more about hair loss prevention and able to grow healthy hair consistently.

    Thank You
    Teena Gunn

  16. Arhena Rema says:

    where can i get that? oil that you are using?

  17. Arhena Rema says:

    i’m 16, my hair is damaged by heat! my hair use to be thick and when ever i had a hair cut, it use to grow back really quick! for the past 18 month or more, my hair has become thin an ugly! an doesn’t grow!! its been freaking me? out and i’m starting to lose hair, which made me depressed!! my mum suggested that i should shave my head!! but people tell me my hair isn’t damaged when it is!! -.- i started putting hair oil! which i think isn’t helping!!!

  18. I would say it took about 6 weeks to really start seeing the results. It is a very slow process but worth it at the end. My hair is very full and healthy now, I’m just waiting on getting my length back 🙂 Oh, and I want to add,,,, My hair fell out no more or less for those first 6 weeks. So it is very much like waiting for? a huge pot of water to boil. XO

  19. NickiKawaii says:

    how long did it take for you to? see results?

  20. NickiKawaii says:

    great tips.? thanks!

  21. It is not coming back on it’s own 🙁 I still believe that everything I do helps, I like the comb and when I stopped using it (for a month) I noticed hair falling out? again. Good luck XO

  22. nmcvicker03 says:

    do you think your hair came back mainly on its own though? or do you think it really was the different products. I? dont’ want to take drugs or put stuff on my head, im considering that comb. what do you think?

  23. I am? a little worried about what will happen if I stop,,, but it’s really not that much of a pain to do. I am slowly tapering off on some things. I will keep up with the shampoo, conditioner and vitiamins,, that is easy. As for the laser comb, I do that every now and again. I will keep notice of any and all changes that happen with time,,, i will never let it get to the point where I am losing my hair again!! Whatever it takes! XO

  24. THE16THPHANTOM says:

    what happens if you stop using all of? those things. will all your hair completely fall off. thats a lot of work to do if you have to do it the rest of your life.

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