Hide Hair Loss or Alopecia – Sleeping with hair loss concealers in?

Hide Hair Loss or Alopecia - Sleeping with hair loss concealers in?


  1. HideHairLoss says:

    While I understand your comment is simply? just spam, I’ll give you the opportunity to explain why argan oil would help regrow a persons hair considering directions indicate not to put argan oil on the scalp, but rather just the hair, as it will clog the hair follicles. Please do explain for us?

  2. Kathryn Garrett says:

    arganrain works? perfect on me

  3. HideHairLoss says:

    Hey Mark. I used to use hair spray, but I started to limit it cause I felt it was drying out and trashing my hair. I figure the finishing spray is just a light hold hair spray tho. A sugar/water spray might be a more natural and less dehydrating option. I only wash my hair every 3 or 4 days. After the 1st day, it requires a bit of touch up, but there’s usually a good base in place? that doesn’t rub off as easily. Glad to hear the videos have been helpful. Thanks. Ben

  4. Marky55Lucas says:

    What products do you use from toppik? I just get the economy size one. But I’ve noticed that it tends to not? always stay in place and kinda come off my hair. Hard to explain. But I also have short hair. And I don’t gel my hair so I don’t know if I’d get something like the fiber hold spray. Btw you’re videos are great and you are more than helpful lol

  5. Lenice Kush says:

    best way to hide is to just let it go?

  6. kenny chase says:

    Hey Ben, x fusion is 16$ on amazon same size as toppik and its great bro i love using it it goes on light and doesn’t disassemble with sweat like toppik did for me. i cant afford trying all of them so its a blessing this works the best more with the spray applicator. Dude you should do it combine? all in one thats a good idea, Hey the fattner they have for toppik and x fusion what is it actually?Try the x fusion bro you’ll like it, its made from the same people as toppik i read some were

  7. HideHairLoss says:

    Hey. Did you find a solution? Question: are you washing your hair everyday and then reapplying? a new setup of Toppik everyday?

  8. HideHairLoss says:

    What’s the price point on XFusion? Same as Toppik?

    I think I should make my own line, lol. Incorporate all the best of the best attributes along with my own findings, then take? it to market. Hmmm, I kinda like the idea.

  9. kenny chase says:

    xfusion is the BEST..i just starting using? it after demos from toppik caboki i found x fusion works the best for me anyway but try it 🙂

  10. HideHairLoss says:

    Hey dude. Have you tried using a hair loss concealer like Toppik, DermMatch, or Bosley? I’ve never used DermMatch, but Bosley and Toppik both work well. Also, head to the grocery store or pharmacy (wherever you buy hair products) and track down some hair volumizing powder to experiment with. Got2B brand will be the most cost effective. Everyone I recommend it to is pleased with the results. If they don’t have it, hit up a salon and ask for hair volumizing powder there.? Let me know how it works.

  11. YuGiBroFox says:

    He bro. I’m fifteen and receding like crazy .-. Gimme some? tips to hide it? Thanks man.

  12. HideHairLoss says:

    Yes, I have. Don’t have much faith in such products yet. I’ve been dealing with hair loss for 10 years, or? that’s at least when I realized it, lol

  13. HideHairLoss says:

    (Part 2) Grab yourself some volumizing hair powder. Scwartzkoff, Aveda, and a bunch of other companies make it. Schwartzkoff has a grocery store brand called “Got2Be Volumizing Powder” that you can get that’s 1/4 of the price. That’ll create the appearance of fuller hair and it also has a binding effect with the Toppik. The other thing, don’t wash your hair every day. Try a dry shampoo. I go 3-4 days without any washing at all, then baby powder it? (or dry shampoo it, as of recent).

  14. HideHairLoss says:

    Hmmm, first suggestion is to change the colour of your pillow cases, lol. Kinda serious though. Second suggestion, don’t be afraid to tell people you’re concealing your hair loss. Especially not someone you’ve gotten to know in your bedroom. For me, the goal isn’t to convince people i’m not balding…it’s to create the appearance i’m not. If i’m letting anyone get close to my sheets, i’ve definitely filled them in that i’ve had transplants and that I? use coloured hair powder to hide thinning.

  15. TheMadhur1234 says:

    thanks for uploading? this video benny !
    i appreciate ur effort.
    Need some advice from you.
    I am also using toppik since last 3 yrs or so, but every morning when i wake up
    i see fibres on my pillow cover which becomes embarassing for me if someone observes that.
    Is there any solution to this ?
    And also i just apply raw toppik fibres.
    can u tell me which other products should i apply with toppik for better hold and shine.
    thanks !

  16. Rock2Dworld says:

    Thanks for sharing? all these videos man.

  17. kevin22GG says:

    You use any products that regrew hair? And how long have you been dealing with? hairloss?

  18. HideHairLoss says:

    Thanks for the pep talk. Things seem to be working out? alright for me though, so I think I’ll stick to the same path. In order to rock a shaved head, one really needs to maintain a tan and keep in shape, otherwise the look is less than desirable. I like hair. It’s like making your bed in the morning. I suppose it’s sorta like a sense of responsibility for me. I opt for hair over kids. Hmmm, it’s interesting to me that you’re checkin’ out a hair loss vid if you’re pro-Willis style.

  19. mokey tah says:

    hair is nothing. go Bruce Willis? style. or fight your enemy. and be miserable. stand up and shave it, dont save it, man.

  20. HideHairLoss says:

    Hey. Thanks for the comment. Sorry for the incredibly late reply. Work? is crazy busy at the moment.

  21. 12332145657654 says:

    nice vid looking forward to the? next one keep it up dude

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