Best vs. Worst Steroids for Hair Loss (if you have Rx)

Best vs. Worst Steroids for Hair Loss (if you have Rx)


  1. alex robert brian says:

    this has helped us so much? in choosing thanks!

  2. Markan Deyan says:

    I was ready to try something new. I read a lot of comments and I decided to try arganlife ultra nourishing? oil treatment. I have been using it for 3 weeks. The results are perfect.I love this product, arganlifeproducts.coom

  3. KevinBusomjack says:

    How is Anavar a hair friendly steroid when it is derived from? DHT?

  4. MetalDoraemon6 says:

    Man. Im doing my first cycle ever.. Im thinking of deca becaus of the less baldness effect, but – :will it work alone?
    – If i combine with test will affect my? hair(DHT)
    – is deca good for a first cycle

    I just want the saffest possible…becaus if i take anavar my bulking results will be poor
    Thakn you very much

  5. M82400L says:

    Hey, if Vin Diesel and Jason Stratham? can rock the dome, so can you!

  6. khader a says:

    Hi could have your mail id please.In every other website? they mention that primobolon is bad for hair little confused.

  7. Adrenalized1099 says:

    Tren is 100/10 anabolic to androgenic ratio it also down regulates DHT in your body why do you? say to avoid it? Tren is very safe look at tuned sports.

  8. greveeen says:

    Hi is turinabol ok for the? hair?

  9. DontBApuppet says:

    I have very thivk hair from my father but im balding from the front (receeding hairline) from my mothers? genes but I take 1000 mgs yes 1000mgs a week of test and I actually notice my balding stops when ON cycle.. wtf is up with that?? O.o but i believe i have very low T and get very stressed when off and im talking before i started cycling no no pct. Perhaps the stress was the cause and since i feel great on T i’m not balding as fast??

  10. Hannibal King says:

    Never mind you mention it in your vid, thanks for the info man?

  11. ismail1mayet says:

    And if not would like to? know what to ask for

  12. i have taken dianabol and i lost my hairline im only 20 after 7 months i have baby white hair growing out in the patch wer i lost hair, does this mean anything? good or bad

    and whats the lowest dose of dianabol i could take that wouldnt effect my hair line

  13. HairLossFromSteroids says:

    superdrol was good to me, the other you listed were too.?

  14. HairLossFromSteroids says:

    that is fairly safe, speak to your? doctor first though πŸ™‚

  15. HairLossFromSteroids says:

    I agree with what you say here.. with the exception of dbol.. its slaughters the hair (for a lot of people).. my experience. but it all depends on? how many hair(s) are prone to miniaturization from DHT.

  16. HairLossFromSteroids says:

    I appreciate it GH15m, yeah.. the forums, unfortunately, aren’t a productive discussion… every other guy says “shave it off,” thinking they are being helpful and insightful.

    yeah test and finasteride are made for each other so to speak. it will be come down to how sensitive you are to MPB. make certain you have a legit Rx for both and speak to your doctor.? πŸ™‚

  17. HairLossFromSteroids says:

    nah Anavar is good. pretty much at any dose. although its a DHT-deriv. it doesn’t actually end? up converting to DHT (or estrogen) when it metabolizes in your body.. yeah i know- its weird. I’m not quite an expert on the conversions, so i shouldnt go into it too far.
    make sure you ask your doctor and get legit Rxs before doing any anabolics. πŸ™‚

  18. GH15messenger says:

    so IF you are on finasteride, then testosterone is the safest choice? since? anavar is a dht derivate finasteride cannot protect you against it even tho it is mild?

    would test + finasteride then be even safer than anavar with or without finasteride?

  19. GH15messenger says:

    and take also arimidex? to control the estrogen levels

  20. GH15messenger says:

    I just LOVE this guy


    very rare to find info on how to use steroids and not go bald when youre prone to baldness

    most people just? say “shave it off” or “dont mess with steroids” it really annoys me

    i think i’m going to do testosterone enanthate with finasteride soon. theoretically this will not accelerate baldness? ideally maybe even improve my hair since i am not using finasteride yet

    was thinking 1.25mg/day off cycle (year round) and 2.5mg/day while on 500mg test per week.

  21. joshman1956 says:

    Everyone needs to take test if you gonna take anything. Low dose test will not? hurt your hairline. Anavar is cool, deca, primo, dbol is okay, turinabol is fine, EQ is very mild


  22. centrum99 says:

    Winstrol is one of the biggest androgenic sh*ts among steroids. The claim that it is a “mild steroid” is a myth based on early animal studies. Now, when it became widely available,? people can clearly see how this “mild steroid” really works.

  23. centrum99 says:

    I agree. But I think that Anavar is comparably mild like nandrolone. If you stay at mild doses like 60 mg/day, it shouldn’t be? more harmful than endogenous hormones in your body. In fact, it is quite possible that it would be even less harmful, when your endogenous testosterone is suppressed. But I wouldn’t touch Superdrol!

  24. SuperMj713 says:

    What did you say was better absorbed? than Nizorol??!!

  25. xPlantpoTx says:

    Ill pretend that I understood this video, hmm yes very interesting, yes thats so true good point, hmm indeed well said errrrrr whut!!?

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