Bulimia hair loss – My story of balding and of how I eventually got my hair back!

Bulimia hair loss - My story of balding and of how I eventually got my hair back!


  1. Mariah Santos says:

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  2. Hi, thank you so much for your video. I’m 25, had been suffered for bulimia for 10 years, and it’s 5 months i’m not been throwing up any more. I’m happy for my choice (I took it on my own) but I’m enormously depressed now because I lost half of my hair and I’ve realized I hurted myself and my family. I’m very? worried because I’m 25 now and I’m afraid not to recover my hair any more. I really hope to succedee in recovering colpetely from the point of? view of the body and of the soul..

  3. Titin Kartini says:

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  4. Sensfan613 says:

    im scared as hell and nobody wants me to be with her because of this. I love her and am giving her a chance to get better. She can finally? say after waking her up to this for months that shes bulimic and doesnt want to live like this.. she is talking to her family and tells me how shes doing. she does have bad days.. my head is going to explode thinking about it..

  5. Sensfan613 says:

    im engaged to a beautiful girl and found shes bulimic shortly after our engagment.. she has hid it from everyone for 5 years. i started to notice her teeth getting bad and then realized they are in terrible shape.. i found out shes bulimic and confronted her.. its been 5 months and she isnt throwing up 5 times a day but maybe once to twice a day. I have brought htis to her family and delayed marrying her. she is going to outpatient treatment.. hope it? works out.. i dont want to marry bulimia

  6. Siti Aminah says:

    Guys, completely cure your bulimia does not need to be difficult (I used to? think it did). I’ll give you some advice right now. Search remedy known as Bulimilorex Remedy (just google it). Seriously, I finally eliminated my pain & embarrassment caused by bulimia for good by using Bulimilorex Remedy.

  7. YourBulimiaRecovery says:

    It improved gradually, as my length was replaced with new healthy hair… Before a year was up there was a marked? improvement, but within a coupe of years it was long and healthy. xox

  8. sydgreen13 says:

    How long did it take for your to get back to normal again??

  9. Silmara Santos says:

    I had anorexia for almost 1 year, I hardly ate anything food. But after cured yet, I have a doubt. It more or less almost 4 months since I came back to eat normally, except that my hair keeps falling, not as before, but still falls. Besides the wires of my hair are very thin. You think it’s normal? How many months does it take for hair to normalize after eating disorders?
    My English is not very good, sorry.
    But thank you, and you are very beautiful.?

  10. andrealamascool says:

    yes it? is

  11. YourBulimiaRecovery says:

    Hi Shivani, if you continue to nourish your body well, I’d? expect your hair to return back to normal, given time 🙂

  12. Elise Cox says:

    Bulimia is very dangerous. It scares me. I have read some articles about effects of bulimia. One of effects of bulimia is hair loss problem. As your hair is alive, your hair have to be nourished from both inside and out side. Blood carries the vitamins, fatty acids to hair cell from inside, However, we can support our hair from the root to tip with some natural oil and product. I have seen some comments about Ultra Nourishing Oil Treatment and shampoo from? “argan liife products”. check it out

  13. YourBulimiaRecovery says:

    Thank you glitterbug. We are all beautiful in all our shapes,? sizes, looks and colours. x

  14. Kelly Littlefield says:

    Your? beautiful!

  15. YourBulimiaRecovery says:

    It will grow back if you push towards recovery Chris! You? deserve so much more than bulimia has to offer!

  16. ChrisAlexanderVEGAS says:

    Im a guy…Iv’e been throwing up for about 5 months straight…lost 82 pounds as of this morning…i noticed my hair is falling out…4 hairs at a time each time i comb a little rough…Im scared…Im really young…I just want? my hair…its all that i really really liked about myself…this is not fair.

  17. YourBulimiaRecovery says:

    Yes, this is true.?

  18. velvetrosetulip says:

    is heart palpitations a part (side effect)? of bulimia?
    i heard it can even cause a heart attack.

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